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100111994-0916indexes 382
Ensor, P.; Hardin, S.. CD-ROM periodical index: a guide to abstracted, indexed, and fulltext periodicals on CD-ROM (Lang.: eng). - Westport, CT, Meckler, 1992. pp. 420. ISBN: 0887368034.

101411994-0915indexes 382
Subject Guide to Microforms in Print 1994 (Lang.: eng). - München, K.G.Saur Verlag, 1994. pp. XXI,1632. ISBN: 3598111738. The titles organized according to subject fields are complemented by references to the 20th ed. of the DDC. The subject guide contains also a complete list of the addresses of publishers and distributors as well as the respective indexes.

107561990-2-172indexes 382
Li, Wei. Design of index to reference tools (Lang.: chi). - In: Tushu Qingbao Gonzuo.No.4.1987.p.26-27.

113691993-0222indexes 382
Reese, J.. Book review of Ensor,P., Hardin,S.: CD-ROM Periodical Index: A guide to abstracted, indexed, and fulltext periodicals on CD-ROM. Westport,CT: Meckler. 1992. 420 p. (Lang.: eng). - In: CD-ROM Professional No. 1. 1993. p.150.

117901994-0917indexes 382
Nicewarner, M.. Book review of Ensor, P., Hardin, S. CD-ROM periodical index: a guide to abstracted, indexed, and fulltext periodicals on CD-ROM. - Westport, CT: Meckler, 1992. - 420 p. (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Interlibr.Loan, Doc.Del.etc.. 4(1993)2,p.112-113.

117911994-0918indexes 382
Uhlmann, D.. Concord Apple. an Apple Library of Tomorrow Project (Lang.: eng). - In: Apple Libr.Users Group Newsl.. 12(1994)1,p.18-19. Description of "Concord Apple", a hypertext index to The Concord Review using HyperCard.

119911995-0210indexes 382
Sher, D.N.. Poetry in indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. 19(1994)2,p.102-104. Indexers are compared to poets: for both groups the basic tool of trade is language, including the relationships of words, ideas, and concepts. Emphasized is the creativity of both groups in extracting, condensing, and arranging language to guide their audiences to their objectives.

124251996-0214indexes 382
Jambhekar, A.; Parikh, S.. Management News Index Service: VSL experience (Lang.: eng). - In: Libr.Sci.Slant Doc.Inform.Stud. Vol. 32, No. 2. 1995. p.95-98. The development of a computerized news index service is described. It is to serve the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. The system design uses CDS/ISIS.

134511996-1086indexes 382
Tomihisa, S.. New plans for Zasshi Kij Sakuin and their background (Lang.: jap). - In: Toshokan Zasshi/Libr.J. Vol. 89, No. 11. 1995. p.920-1.

112231990-2-173systems theory 382, 388-51/4
Van Liew, H.D.; Gordich, M.J., Wen, N.-T., Sung, P.-F. Using MEDLINE and a personal computer to generate a cumulative index for a journal (Lang.: eng). - In: Serials Review.Vol.15.No.1.1989.p.27-34.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

18252000-0101DDC indexes 43;382
Hou, H., Wang, D. The preparation of an index for the Chinese DDC 21 : issues and approaches (Lang.: eng). In: 65th IFLA Council and General Conference August 20-28, 1999. Booklet 4, p.34-37. * Paper 013-117-E. Also available on the Web: www.ifla.org

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