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8577   index generation • 38
Mehta, Surendra Prasad. – Encyclopaedia on philosophy of library classification (Lang.: eng). - New Delhi, New Delhi, 2011. – pp. 592. – ISBN: 9788126146758; 8126146753.

16103   index generation • KO metadata • 38;918
Bancroft, Jennifer; Lee, Jin Ha; Welhouse, Zach. – Ò€œWhat Am I Fighting For?Ò€: Creating a Controlled Vocabulary for Video Game Plot Metadata (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 53(2015)2, pp. 157-189.

195   1997-2-019438.07
Piggott, M. – Book review of Thatcher, V.S.: Indexes : Writing, editing, productionLanham, MD, London: the Scarecrow Press 1995. xiv, 164p. ISBN 0810829908 (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer 20(1997)3. p.175.

12680   1996-108338.07
Weinberg, B.H.. – Book review of Thatcher, V.S.: Indexes: Writing, editing, productionLanham, MD, London: the Scarecrow Press 1995. XIV,164p. (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 4, No. 1. 1996. p.10-16.

12681   1996-108438.953
Weinberg, B.H.. – Page references as locators: it's not all that obvious, or, what do they teach kids about indexes? (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 4, No. 3/4. 1996. p.23-28.

196   1997-2-0195index generation problems • 381
Ungern-Sternberg, S. von. – A method for managing the information resources in an interdisciplinary field (Lang.: eng). - In: IATUL Proceedings (New Series) (1996)5. p.306-318. Methods for selecting terms for an information language in an interdisciplinary field

10891   1990-0929index generation problems • 381
Chuah, M. – Bibliographic sources to Malaysian parliamentary papers (Lang.: eng). - In: Kekal Abadi.Vol.11.No.4.1992.p.1-5. Describes not only the various types of Malaysian parliamentary papers by also the various indexes to the Hansard.Notes the shortcomings and proposes measures for improvement

11651   1993-0929index generation problems • 381
Chuah, M.. – Bibliographic sources to Malaysian parliamentary papers (Lang.: eng). - In: Kekal Abadi. Vol. 11. No. 4. p.1-5. Describes not only the various types of Malaysian parliamentary papers by also the various indexes to the Hansard. Notes the shortcomings and proposes measures for improvement.

11789   1994-0914index generation problems • 381
Oster, S.. – Indexes in computer documentation (Lang.: eng). - In: Technical Communication. 41(1994)1,p.41-50. Treats the different kinds of indexes: subject, product, program command or function. Writing entries involves decisions about level, key terms, synonyms, definitions, cross references, and phrasing. Format decisions involve horizontal vs vertical spacing, page numbering, capitalization, and punctuation. (Author)

197   1997-2-0196index generation problems • KO metadata • 381;918
MacDougall, S. – Rethinking indexing : the impact of the Internet (Lang.: eng). - In: Australian Library Journal 45(1996)4. p.281-285. In the Internet a crude indexing technique, based on automatic keyword indexing and relevance ranking is used, resulting in large retrieval sets and low precision. However these poor results are accepted by most users. In this light the role of professional indexers is questioned

10011   1994-0916indexes • 382
Ensor, P.; Hardin, S.. – CD-ROM periodical index: a guide to abstracted, indexed, and fulltext periodicals on CD-ROM (Lang.: eng). - Westport, CT, Meckler, 1992. – pp. 420. – ISBN: 0887368034.

10141   1994-0915indexes • 382
Subject Guide to Microforms in Print 1994 (Lang.: eng). - München, K.G.Saur Verlag, 1994. – pp. XXI,1632. – ISBN: 3598111738. The titles organized according to subject fields are complemented by references to the 20th ed. of the DDC. The subject guide contains also a complete list of the addresses of publishers and distributors as well as the respective indexes.

10756   1990-2-172indexes • 382
Li, Wei. – Design of index to reference tools (Lang.: chi). - In: Tushu Qingbao Gonzuo.No.4.1987.p.26-27.

11369   1993-0222indexes • 382
Reese, J.. – Book review of Ensor,P., Hardin,S.: CD-ROM Periodical Index: A guide to abstracted, indexed, and fulltext periodicals on CD-ROM. Westport,CT: Meckler. 1992. 420 p. (Lang.: eng). - In: CD-ROM Professional No. 1. 1993. p.150.

11790   1994-0917indexes • 382
Nicewarner, M.. – Book review of Ensor, P., Hardin, S. CD-ROM periodical index: a guide to abstracted, indexed, and fulltext periodicals on CD-ROM. - Westport, CT: Meckler, 1992. - 420 p. (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Interlibr.Loan, Doc.Del.etc.. 4(1993)2,p.112-113.

11791   1994-0918indexes • 382
Uhlmann, D.. – Concord Apple. an Apple Library of Tomorrow Project (Lang.: eng). - In: Apple Libr.Users Group Newsl.. 12(1994)1,p.18-19. Description of "Concord Apple", a hypertext index to The Concord Review using HyperCard.

11991   1995-0210indexes • 382
Sher, D.N.. – Poetry in indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. 19(1994)2,p.102-104. Indexers are compared to poets: for both groups the basic tool of trade is language, including the relationships of words, ideas, and concepts. Emphasized is the creativity of both groups in extracting, condensing, and arranging language to guide their audiences to their objectives.

12425   1996-0214indexes • 382
Jambhekar, A.; Parikh, S.. – Management News Index Service: VSL experience (Lang.: eng). - In: Libr.Sci.Slant Doc.Inform.Stud. Vol. 32, No. 2. 1995. p.95-98. The development of a computerized news index service is described. It is to serve the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. The system design uses CDS/ISIS.

13451   1996-1086indexes • 382
Tomihisa, S.. – New plans for Zasshi Kij Sakuin and their background (Lang.: jap). - In: Toshokan Zasshi/Libr.J. Vol. 89, No. 11. 1995. p.920-1.

11223   1990-2-173systems theory • 382, 388-51/4
Van Liew, H.D.; Gordich, M.J., Wen, N.-T., Sung, P.-F. – Using MEDLINE and a personal computer to generate a cumulative index for a journal (Lang.: eng). - In: Serials Review.Vol.15.No.1.1989.p.27-34.

9481   index preparation • 383
Raja, Nalini A. – Digitized content and index pages as alternative subject access fields (Lang.: eng). - In: Categories, contexts and relations in knowledge organization (06.12-08-6/9).

10767   1993-0223index preparation • 383
Zhang, Qi-yu. – Tentative idea about compiling the functional index to "Guide to Reference Books" (Lang.: chi). - In: Libr.J.Vol. 11 No. 2. 1992. p.22-25.

10984   1990-1-154index preparation • 383
Veneziano, V. – The 'New' NOTIS/LUIS indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Technol.& Libraries.Vol.1.No.8.1989.p.5-19.

11224   1990-2-174index preparation • 383
Mittal, R. – Creation of subject index to NUCSSI database with CDS/ISIS package (Lang.: eng). - In: Annals Libr.Sci.& Doc.Vol.36.No.1-2.1989.p.52-62.

11225   1990-2-175index preparation • 383
Schmidt, J.M.; Wilson, J.S. – Out of the shoebox: publishing a regional periodical index using a microcomputer (Lang.: eng). - In: Reference Services Review.Vol.16.No.4.1988.p.13-20.

11992   1995-0211index preparation • 383
Canganelli, P.. – Sonar bookends: index generation (Lang.: eng). - In: Electronic Library. 12(1994)4,p.253-4. Description of the Sonar Bookends software package designed to produce detailed full text indexes for inclusion with documents produced by word processing, desktop publishing, or file management systems.

13416   1990-2-176index preparation • 383
Shuichi, U. – Index construction, indexing and the thesaurus (Lang.: jap). - In: Joho-no kagaku to gijutsu.Vol.38.No.11.1988.p.637-643.

13516   1990-1-152index preparation • 383
Serebryannikova, T.O. – Computer-aided production of auxiliary subject indexes to bibliographic tools (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchn.i.tekhn.bibliotki SSSR.No.2.1989.p.28-32.

13517   1990-1-153index preparation • 383
Tanatar, N.V. – Implementing computerised technologies for library index preparation in the V.I.Vernadsky Central Scientific Library of the Ukrainian Academy of Scien (Lang.: rus). - In: Automatiz.i mekhaniz.bibl.-bibliogr.protsessov.1989.p.54-57.Kiev,SU,

17910   index preparation • 383
AlQenaei, Zainab M.; Monarchi, David E.. – The use of learning techniques to analyze the results of a manual classification system (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2016)1, pp. 56-63.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2016. – pp. 8. ISSN: 09437444; 3 Charts, 2 Graphs

12260   1995-0801383, 844
Main, D.W. – Scottish Business Periodicals Index (Lang.: eng). - In: Scottish Libraries. No. 49. 1995. p.16. Description of the establishment of a subject index to periodicals dealing with Scottish business, based mainly on the journals held at the Sighthill Campus of Napier University, Edinburgh

48   1997-1-0048index preparation programs • 384
Kulkarni, M., Gupta, V.K., Viswanathan, T. – An automatic index generation and information retrieval system for bibliographic databases developed at the Indian National Scientific Documantation Centre (Lang.: eng). - In: Program Vol.30, No.1 1996,p. 65-72.

10985   1990-1-155index preparation programs • 384
Warner, A.; Wenzel, P.H. – Management of bibliographic data using Revelation (Lang.: eng). - In: Special Libraries.Vol.80.No.No.3.1989.p.198-205.

16228   index preparation programs • 384
Paula, Lorena Tavares de; Moura, Maria Aparecida . – Nanopublicaçáes e indexação: processos e relaçáes [Nanopublications and indexation: processes and relationships] (Lang.: por). - In: Informação&Informação, 20(2015)1, pp. 137-161. – Available at http://www.uel.br/revistas/uel/index.php/informacao/article/view/18241/pdf_48

11993   1995-0212384, 349
Mulvany, N.; Milstead, J.. – Indexicon, the only fully automatic indexer: A review (Lang.: eng). - In: Key Words. 2(1994)5,p.17-23.

12682   1996-1087384, 857
Roberts, C.. – HyperIndex: New indexing software for the Mac (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 4, No. 3/4. 1996. p.29-31.

11226   1990-2-177index generation programs • 386
Ngah, Zainab Awang. – The Malaysiana Conference Collection on CDS/ISIS: the second phase (Lang.: eng). - In: Kekal Abadi.Vol.7.No.4.1988.p.6-15.

11995   1995-0214index generation programs • 386
Fetters, L.. – Updates from Heavyweights (Lang.: eng). - In: Key Words. 2(1994)2,p.6-9. Describes Macrex Version 6.0 and Cindex Version 6.

11997   1995-0216-bindex generation programs • 386
Ellis, G.; Levinson, R.A.; Robinson, P.J.. – Managing complex objects in Peirce (Lang.: eng). - In: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. (1994)41,p.109-148. The Peirce project (named after Charles Sanders Peirce) is an international collaborative project aiming to construct a freely available conceptual graphs workbench to support research in the conceptual graphs community in areas such as natural language processing, enterprise modelling, program specification and verification, management information systems, conceptual information retrieval, medical informatics, and construction of ontologies. Peirce advances the state of the art in conceptual graph implementations and in general complex object classification. (Authors, abbr.)"

12683   1996-1088index generation programs • 386
Homes, O.. – Cards to keyboard: indexing by computer (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 3, No. 4. 1995. p.26-28.

12684   1996-1089index generation programs • 386
Lathrop, L.. – Indexing with Doc-to-help: an overview (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 3, No. 1. 1995. p.1+27+30.

13269   1995-0802index generation programs • 386
Gödert, W. – Literatur zur Inhaltserschliessung [Literature on subject cataloguing] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst. Vol. 28. No. 10. 1994. p.1605-1617. Report on the Cologne Library School project to construct a database for literature on subject cataloguíng and fringe subjects. The software BISMAS was used. Description of the category scheme, indexes and retrieval possibilities

10330   1995-0217-b386, 132
Kollewe, W.; Sander, Ch.; Schmiede, R.; Wille, R.. – TOSCANA als Instrument der bibliothekarischen Sacherschliessung [TOSCANA, in instrument for library subject analysis] (Lang.: ger). - In: Preprint. 1716.Darmstadt, Arb.Gr.Begriffsanalyse, THD, Math.Inst., 1995. – pp. 17. TOSCANA is a computer program for the establishment of conceptual search systems on the basis of formal concept analysis. The research project "Application of a model of conceptual knowledge systems in the area of the literature on interdisciplinary technology research" is explained. Applications of TOSCANA are shown using examples of the research project.

11996   1995-0215386, 147, 715
Espinasse, B.. – A cognitivist model for decision support. COGITA project, a problem formulation assistant (Lang.: eng). - In: Decision Support Systems. (1994)12,p.277-286. COGITA is a hybrid system currentlly under development which tends to integrate symbolic artificial intelligence techniques and connectionist models in a cooperative hybridation the general architecture of which is presented. (Author, abbr.)

11994   1995-02133866
Coughlin, M.. – How I use CINDEX (Lang.: eng). - In: Key Words. 2(1994)5,p.12-16.

10116   1990-0930programs for indexing activities • 387
Janen, H.; Bundschuh, M. – Objektorientierte Software-Entwicklung [Object-oriented software development] (Lang.: ger). - Munchen-Wien, Oldenbourg, 1993. – pp. 116. – ISBN: 3486226460.

10117   1993-0930programs for indexing activities • 387
Janen, H.; Bundschuh, M.. – Objektorientierte Software-Entwicklung [Object-oriented software development] (Lang.: ger). - Munchen-Wien, Oldenbourg, 1993. – pp. 116. – ISBN: 3486226460.

10203   1990-2-179programs for indexing activities • 387
Meiss, B. – Thesaurus, integriert, online und dynamisch.Neues Arbeiten mit DOMESTIC [Thesaurus, integrated, online and dynamical.A new kind of work withthe DOMESTIC software] (Lang.: ger). - München, DE, KTS Inform.Syst, 1989. – pp. 103. – ISBN: 3980140733.

10340   1990-2-180programs for indexing activities • 387
Ritzler, C. – Vergleichende Untersuchung von PC-Thesaurusprogrammen [Comparative studies of PC thesaurus programs] (Lang.: ger). - Darmstadt, DE, FHS FB Inf.u.Do, 1989. – pp. 200.

10892   1990-0931programs for indexing activities • 387
(Project Management for project-oriented software development) (Lang.: eng). - In: Informatik-Spektrum.Vol.15.No.5.1992.p.253-292. The issue contains 5 contributions to the topic given in brackets with an Editorial by R.Busch

10986   1990-1-158programs for indexing activities • 387
Mark, L. – A graphical query language for the binary relationship model (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Syst.Vol.14.No.3.1989.p.231-246.

11227   1990-2-178programs for indexing activities • 387
Williams, D.E. – Concept Finder (Lang.: eng). - In: Techn.Services Quart.Vol.6.No.2.1988.p.74-77.

11370   1993-0224programs for indexing activities • 387
Brotchie, D.. – Book review of Beauvien, D.B., Primack, A.L., Seale, C.: Software for patron use in libraries. Libr.Trends 40(1991)No.1, 197p. (Lang.: eng). - In: Int.Classif.Vol. 19 No. 3. 1992. p.168-169.

11371   1993-0225programs for indexing activities • 387
Chaudhry, A.A.. – Adapting CDS/ISIS to index hyphenated and numeric words and incorporating case sensitive storage and retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: ProgramVol. 24 No. 4. 1990. p.371-379.

11372   1993-0226programs for indexing activities • 387
Sieverts, E.G.; Hofstede, M., Oude Groeniger, B.. – Software for information storage and retrieval tested, evaluated and compared. IV: Indexing and full-text retrieval programs (Lang.: eng). - In: Electron Libr.Vol. 10 No. 4. 1992. p.195-208.

11652   1993-0931programs for indexing activities • 387
(Project Management for project-oriented software development) (Lang.: eng). - In: Informatik-Spektrum. Vol. 15. No. 5. p.253-292. The issue contains 5 contributions to the topic given in brackets with an Editorial by R.Busch.

11792   1994-0919programs for indexing activities • 387
Chang, R.. – The development of indexing technology (Lang.: eng). - In: Libr.Software Rev.. 12(1993)3,p.30-35. The various file accessing methods are introduced, including SAM (Sequential Access Method), DAM (Direct Access Method), ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) and VSAM (Virtual Sequential Access Method) which have been widely used for file and records retrieval over the years, as well as various B-tree (Balanced-tree) structures.

11793   1994-0920programs for indexing activities • 387
Opdahl, A.L.; Sindre, G.. – A taxonomy for real-world modelling concepts (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Systems. 19(1994)3,p.229-241.

12426   1996-0215programs for indexing activities • 387
Steinhart, E.. – NETMET: A program for generating and interpreting metaphors (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and the Humanities. Vol. 28, No. 6. 1995. p.383-392. Metaphors have computable semantics. A program called NETMET both generates metaphors and produces partial literal interpretation of metaphors. Input to NETMET consists of a list of literal propositions. NETMET creates metaphors by finding topic and source semantic fields, producing an analogical map from source to topic, then generating utterances in which terms in the source are identified with or predicated of terms in the topic. Given a metaphor NETMET utilizes if-then rules to generate the implication complex of that metaphor. The literal leaves of the implication complex comprise a partial literal interpretation. (Author)

13057   1990-1-156programs for indexing activities • 387
GURU - ein Programmierwerkzeug zur Entwicklung wissensbasierter Systeme [Guru -a programming tool for the development of knowledge based systems] (Lang.: ger). - In: GI-Mitt.(GDR).Vol.4.No.3.1989.p.93-95.

13518   1990-1-157programs for indexing activities • 387
Kushakova, Lh.S.; Koz'mosvskaya, T.I., Sergeeva, O.V. – The software of the computerised STI system on labour and environmental protection (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchno-tekhn.inform.,Ser.2.No.4.1989.p.16-17.

11999   1995-0218-b387.117
Yelland, P.M.. – Object-oriented knowledge representation. Object-oriented technology (Lang.: eng). - In: BT Technol.J.. 11(1993)3,p.41-51. Description of a system which results from augmenting an object oriented programming language with term classification facilities like those found in the knowledge representation language KL-One and its successors. (Author, abbr.)

13883   1993-0030387.773
Coutrot, F.. – EDIBASE: A documentary software product for terminology usage (Lang.: ). -

18250   index generation in • 388
Stampfli, Dominique. – Die Erarbeitung eines Ordnungssystems fΓΌr GeschΓ€ftsunterlagen im analogen und digitalen Bereich [The development of a filing system for business documents in the analog and digital area] (Lang.: ger). - In: Informationswissenschaft: Theorie, Methode und Praxis, 5(2018)2, pp. 156-162. – Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.18755/iw.2018.23

18251   index generation in • 388
Haeni, CΓ©line . – AccΓ¨s et instrument de recherche: Le cas du fonds de photographie de presse du journal de L’Express [Access and finding aid: The case of the newspaper photo collection of the L'Express newspaper] (Lang.: fre). - In: Informationswissenschaft: Theorie, Methode und Praxis, 5(2018)2, pp. 163-187. – Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.18755/iw.2018.24

12063   1995-0395index generation in • pure chemistry • 388-26
Galvez, J. et al. – Charge indexes: new topological descriptors (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Chem.Inform.& Comput.Science. Vol. 34. No. 3. 1994. p.520-525.

12685   1996-1090index generation in • pure chemistry • 388-26
Estrada, E.; Gutman, I.. – A topological index based on distance edges of molecular graphs (Lang.: eng). - In: J. Chem.Inform.& Comput.Sci. Vol. 36, No. 4. 1996. p.850-3.

12686   1996-1091index generation in • pure chemistry • 388-26
Lieth,C.-W.v.d.; Stumpf-Nothof, K., Prior, U.. – A bond flexibility index derived from the constitution of molecules (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Che.Inform.& Comput.Sci. Vol. 36, No. 4. 1996. p.711-16.

13424   1993-0227conceptology • systems theory • 388-51/4
Iida, I.; Yamaha, M., Hayakawa, M.. – Construction of the index to special features in medical journals by dBASE 3 Plus (Lang.: jap). - In: Online KensakuVol. 13 No. 2. 1992. p.75-85.

13428   1993-0683conceptology • systems theory • 388-51/4
Iida, I.; Yamaha, M., Hayakawa, M.. – Construction of the index to special features in medical journals by dBASE III Plus (Lang.: jap). - In: Online KensakuVol. 13 No. 2. 1992. p.75-85.

13922   1993-0072conceptology • systems theory • 388-51/4
Thomas, P.. – Subject indexes in medical literature (Lang.: ). -

12687   1996-1092index generation in • law • 388-66
Corbett, M.. – Indexing and searching in statutory text (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 3, No. 1. 1995. p.7-10.

12688   1996-1093index generation in • law • 388-66
Weinberg, B.H.. – An index reviewed: The Librarian's Legal Companion (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords. Vol. 3, No. 4. 1995. p.1, 40-42.

10104   1990-2-181index generation in • military science • 388-68
Bourret, A.; Poole, E. – Index sur la guerre et la paix: index relationnel de mots clés pour SONJA.Banque de données informatisées sur la guerre, la paix et le désarmement en langue francaise [Index on war and peace: a relational index of keywords for SONJA, a database with information on peace and disarmament in the French language] (Lang.: fre). - Québec, Canada, Univ.Laval, 1989. – pp. 26,.(Cah.techn.du GR sur la paix). – ISBN: 2980165301.

10893   1990-0932index generation in • military science • 388-68
Stewart, M.M.; Hatton, J.L. – Production of a periodical index by a special library (Lang.: eng). - In: Spec.Libraries.Vol.83.No.2.1992.p.92-95.

11653   1993-0932index generation in • military science • 388-68
Stewart, M.M.; Hatton, J.L.. – Production of a periodical index by a special library (Lang.: eng). - In: Spec.Libraries. Vol. 83. No. 2. p.92-95.

10700   1995-0396index generation in • commodity science • 388-76
Wandell Graphics in cooperation with NTIS. – Computerized SIC Index (Lang.: eng). - Springfield, VA, NTIS, 1993?. (PB91-507947ADR). (SIC = Standard Industrial Classification)T he computerized SIC Index makes rapid electronic searching and retrieval of SIC codes convenient and simple. For any business it can be easily and quickly searched using any words or numbers, separately or in combination. It can also be searched using m. ore complex Boolean searches, wildcard searches, or proximity searches. The index will be updated with each new release of the SIC Manual

10768   1993-0228index generation in • 388-822 ch
Chen, Daguang. – A probe into the frame and index of the "Ancient Books and Records of China" (Lang.: chi). - In: Bull.Libr.Sci.in ChinaVol. 18 No. 4. 1992. p.55-61.

12689   1996-1094index generation in • 388-93, 196
Camus, R.F.. – Early American wind and ceremonial music, 1636-1836: Phase 2 of the National Tune Index (Lang.: eng). - In: Notes. Vol. 52, No. 3. 1996. p.723-43.

13142   1993-0229index generation in • 388-936
Bihler, N.. – Der Song-Index in der ヤffentlichen Musikbibliothek in Durham (GB) [The Song Index in Durham public music library] (Lang.: ger). - In: Forum Musikbibliothek No. 2. 1992. p.100-8.

12000   1995-0220-bindex generation in • 388-945, 819
Giral, A.; Taylor, A.G.. – Indexing overlap and consistency between the Avery Index to architectural periodicals and the Architectural Periodicals Index (Lang.: eng). - In: Library Resources & Technical Services. 37(1993)1,p.19-43.

10579   1990-2-182index generation in • christian religion • 388-99
Högemann, S. – Der Schlagwortindex als Konkordanzregister zur SfB, ASB und SSD.Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel des Fachgebietes Christliche Religion [The subject index as a concordance to three German classification systems (SfB, ASB, SSD).A study in the field of Christian Religion] (Lang.: ger). - Köln, DE, FH Bibl.u.Dokw, 1988. (Diplomarbeit Öff.Bibl).

10302   1990-2-183index representation • 389
Bertrand-Gastaldy,S. – Evaluation de l'index 1984/85 du "Journal des débats de l'Assemblée nationale du Québec" (Lang.: fre). - Montréal, Canada, Univ.de Montréa, 1987. – pp. 151,.

11228   1990-2-185index representation • 389
Wittmann,C. – Subheadings in award-winning book indexes: a quantitative evaluation (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer.Vol.17.No.1.1990.p.3-6.

11546   1993-0684index representation • 389
Gerhard, K.H.; Jacobson, T.E., Williamson, S.G.. – Indexing adequacy and interdisciplinary journals: the case of women's studies (Lang.: eng). - In: Coll.Res.Libr.Vol. 54 No. 2. 1993. p.125-135.

13567   1990-2-184index representation • 389
Kocere, W.Ya.; Kreslinsh, K.A., Zaure, I.G. – Current bibliographic indexes of the Latvian Academy of Sciences main library and investigation into their effectiveness (Lang.: rus). - In: Inf.-bibl.obsluzh.uchenykh.1988.p.150-163.Moskva, SU,



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18252000-0101DDC • indexes • 43;382
Hou, H., Wang, D. – The preparation of an index for the Chinese DDC 21 : issues and approaches (Lang.: eng). – In: 65th IFLA Council and General Conference August 20-28, 1999. Booklet 4, p.34-37. * Paper 013-117-E. Also available on the Web: www.ifla.org

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