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126771996-1079encoding of index entries 364
Gillum, T.L.; George, R.H., Leitmeyer, J.E.. An autoencoder for clinical and regulatory data processing (Lang.: eng). - In: Drug Inform.J. Vol. 29, No. 1. 1995. p.107-113.

132291995-0207encoding of index entries 364
Traiser, W.. Notationsvergabe bei RSWK-Ketten mit Hilfe der SWD-Systematik [Notation assignments to RSWK-chains with the help of the SWD systematics] (Lang.: ger). - In: Dialog Bibl.. 6(1994)2,p.28-32. The semi-annual and multi-annual bibliographies of the German Library will no more longer include a classification of single subject headings. From 1994 onward the user will get more precise subject information by a "chain-systematization" relating to the SWD Classification System.

136831996-1080encoding of index entries 364
Hernandez, G.V.. Information retrieval systems based on indexing triads, an experience (Lang.: spa). - In: Invest.Bibliotecologica. Vol. 8, No. 17. 1995. p.10-17.

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