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8361998-0212chain indexing 336
Remesh Kumar, T.V. Parameswaran, M. Chain indexing and LISA (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 25(1998)1/2,p.13-15. Chain indexing in the Library and Information Science Abstracts

18022000-0078chain indexing 336
Kumar, T.V.R., Parameswaran, M. Chain procedure and dictionary catalogue (Lang.: eng). - In: Library Science with a Slant to Documentation and Information Science, 35(1998)4,p.241-246.

130521990-1-120chain indexing 336
Beck, H. Deep Structure Indexing System (DSIS) - eine Alternative zu PRECIS?.Bemerkungen zu neuen computerunterstützten verbalen Indexierungsmethoden [DSIS - an alternative to PRECIS? Comments on new computer supported verbal indexing methods] (Lang.: ger). - In: Z.bl.Bibl.wes.Vol.103.No.7.1989.p.289-296.

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