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Items on this class as the base theme

18377   compatibility in • 288
Tran, Quoc-Tan. – Knowledge Organization Systems and cultural interoperability in open humanitarian settings (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 624-632.

12411   1996-0190compatibility in • 288-12, 757
Iyer, H.; Giguere, M.. – Towards designing an expert system to map mathematics classificatory structures (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowl.Org. Vol. 22, No. 3/4. 1995. p.141-147. Incompatibilities between ordering systems make multiple catalog search difficult for the users. An interface to enable mathematicians to access library collections organized with the Dewey Decimal Classification using the scheme of the American Mathematical Society as an interface will certainly be useful. The paper suggests a prototype expert system for such an interface and presents the work done so far towards this end. (Authors, abbr.)

9465   compatibility in • chemical technology • 288-27
Yang, Mei; Fan, Huihui; Li, Fang; Zhang, Yihua. – [The analysis of mapping between DDC and CLC on the chemical industry field] (Lang.: chi). - In: Library and information service, 56(2012)17, pp. 93-97.

12866   1995-0380compatibility in • sport science • 288-58
Merilainen, O. – TERVAS: a project about the problems of equivalence in bilingual thesauri (Lang.: fin). - In: Signum. Vol. 27. No. 8. 1994. p.230-4.

9464   compatibility in • fine arts • 288-94
Chen, Shu-jiun; Zeng, Marcia Lei; Chen, Hsueh-hua. – Alignment of conceptual structures in controlled vocabularies in the domain of Chinese art - a discussion of issues and patterns (Lang.: eng). - In: Categories, contexts and relations in knowledge organization (06.12-08-6/9).

350   1997-3-0349compatibility in • UDC • 288;42
Bahnă, D. – Corespondenţa indici CZU - cuvinte-cheie în cadrul Clasei 51 - Matematică [Correspondence between UDC numbers and keywords within class 51 - Mathematics] (Lang.: rom). - In: Biblioteca 7(1996)4-5-6. p. 118.

351   1997-3-0350compatibility in • UDC • 288;42
Drăgoi, E. – Dificultăţi în indexarea Clasei 1 – Filosofie [Difficulties in indexing books with class 1 – Philosophy] (Lang.: rom). - In: Biblioteca 7(1996)1-2-3. p.46. Class 1 of the UDC

7167   systems theory • 288*51/4
KwaÅ›nik, Barbara H., Flaherty, Mary Grace. – Harmonizing professional and non-professional classifications for enhanced knowledge representation (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization(, pp. 229-235.



Further items on this class as a particular theme

9818compatibility evaluation • compatibility in • information sciences • 289;288-82
Wu, Dan; He, Daqing; Qiu, Jin; Lin, Ruonan; Liu, Yang. – Comparing social tags with subject headings on annotating books: a study comparing the information science domain in English and Chinese (Lang.: eng). – In: Journal of information science, 39(2013)2, pp. 169-187.

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