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5294   2007-0531call numbers265
Satija, M. P. – Book numbers in India with special reference to the author designed and used by the National Library of India (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 34(2007)1, p.34-40.

6422   2009-0542call numbers265
Singh, Kunwar Pal. – (Book review of) Satija, M.P. - Book numbers: Indian and Cutter - New Delhi: Viva Books, 2008 - Xi, 132p. - ISBN: 9788130909578 (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization, 36(2009)1, pp.61-62.

10504   1990-2-135call numbers265
Satija, M.P.; Agrawal, S.P. – Book numbers: some Indian methods (Lang.: eng). - New Delhi, Concept Publ, 1990. – pp. 96.(Concepts in Communication.N.6).

10521   1993-0144call numbers265
Satija, M.P.; Comaromi, J.P.. – Beyond classification: Book numbers. With special reference to chronological book numbers (Lang.: eng). - New Delhi, Ess Ess Publ., 1992. – pp. XI,115.

10871   1990-0899call numbers265
Bies, W. – Book review of Satija, M.P., Comaromi, J.P.: Beyond classification: Book numbers.With special reference to chronological book numbers.New Delhi: Ess Ess Publ.1992.115p (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowl.Org.Vol.20.No.3.1993.p.169-170.

11631   1993-0899call numbers265
Bies, W.. – Book review of Satija, M.P., Comaromi, J.P.: Beyond classification: Book numbers. With special reference to chronological book numbers. New Delhi: Ess Ess Publ. 1992. 115p. (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowl.Org.. Vol. 20. No. 3. p.169-170.

17209   call numbers265
Carib?, Rita de C?ssia do Vale. – Nota??o de autor: sua hist?ria [Book number: an historical approach] (Lang.: por). - In: Informa??o & Sociedade: Estudos, 26(2016)2, pp. 121-135. – Available at http://www.ies.ufpb.br/ojs2/index.php/ies/article/view/28650/16207

18680   call numbers265
Caribé, Rita de Cássia do Vale. – Notação de autor: uso da menção nominal [Author mark: use letter mark] (Lang.: port). - In: Informação&Sociedade: Estudos, 30(2019)2, pp. 1-19. – Available at http://periodicos.ufpb.br/ojs2/index.php/ies/article/view/50399/30284

10760   1993-0143265 ch
Hou, Youde; Zhang, Yuhong and Zhao, Haisheng. – A review of the study of the book number systen in China (Lang.: chi). - In: Bull.Libr.Sci.in ChinaVol. 18 No. 2. 1992. p.43-45.

10761   1993-0145265, 213
Yu, Jingfeng. – Implementation of the automatic allocation system for the book numbers of Chinese Books (Lang.: chi). - In: J.China Soc.Scient.& Techn.InfVol. 11 No. 3. 1992. p.208-219.

11769   1994-0876265, 43.266
Podell, D.. – A date with progress (Lang.: eng). - In: School Libr.J.. 40(1994)4,p.52. Librarians and users would benefit from having the publication date of a book added to is DDC number.

13221   1995-0160265.213
Klauss, H.. – Elektronische Unterstützung der Vercutterung [Electronic support of Cutter classification use"] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst. 28(1994)4,p.523-527. Description of the application of the Cutter-Sanborn tables together with the Regensburg automated system for classification number formation at the Europa University Library in Viadrina, Frankfurt on Oder which uses the Siemens SIKIS computer system.

12643   1996-1024265.43
O'Neill, E.T.. – Copy cataloging practices. Use of the call number by Dewey libraries (Lang.: eng). - In: Ann.Rev.OCLC Res. 1995. p.11-15.



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18691conceptual modelscall numbers124;265
Silva, Camila Mariana Aparecida da; Tolentino, Vinicius de Souza; Ortega, Cristina Dotta. – Número de chamada e FRBR: um diálogo norteado por princípios da Organização da Informação [Call number and FRBR: A dialogue guided by principles of the Organization of Information] (Lang.: port). – In: Transinformação, 31(2019). – Available at http://www.scielo.br/pdf/tinf/v31/0103-3786-tinf-31-e180052.pdf

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