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Items on this class as the base theme

6531998-0030notation problems 261
Tkalac, S.; Mateljan, V. Neke karakteristike notacijiskih shema [Some characteristics of notational schemes] (Lang.: ). - In: Informatologia 1997(28)1/2,p. 1-18.

17862000-0062notation problems 261
Broughton, V. Notational expressivity : the case for and against the representation of internal subject structure in notational coding (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 26(1999)3,p.131-139.

107891994-0875notation problems 261
Zhang, Qi-yu. The outline of the manner and principle of class notations (Lang.: chi). - In: Libr.Construction (PR China). (1993)1,p.12-18, 44.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

26912001-0349UDC notation problems 42;261
Strachan, D. A chance to make UDC notation more computer-friendly (Lang.: eng). In: Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 22(2000), p.43-44.

26922001-0350UDC notation problems 42;261
Robinson, G. Functionless auxiliaries and non-auxiliaries : a note on some anomalous notation in the MRF (Lang.: eng). In: Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 23(2001), p.31-32.

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