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119581995-0155hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Vach, W.. Preserving consensus hierarchies (Lang.: eng). - In: J.of Classif.. 11(1994)1,p.59-77.

120541995-0374hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Sankoff, D.; Abel, Y., Hein, J. A tree, a window, a hill: generalization of nearest neighbour interchange in phylogenetic optimization (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Classif. Vol. 11. No. 2. 1994. p.209-32.

120551995-0375hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Gaul, W.; Schader, M. Pyramidal classification based on incomplete dissimilarity data (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Classif. Vol. 11. No. 2. 1994. p.171-93.

124061996-0183hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Constantinescu, M.. An efficient algorithm for supertrees (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Classif. Vol. 12, No. 1. 1995. p.101-112.

124071996-0184hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Kubicka, E.; Kubicki, G., McMorris, F.R.. An algorithm to find agreement subtrees (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Classif. Vol. 12, No. 1. 1995. p.91-99.

126351996-1016hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Carroll, J.D.; Corter, J.E.. A graph-theoretic method for organizing overlapping clusters into trees, multiple trees, or extended trees (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Classif. Vol. 12, No. 2. 1995. p.283-313.

126361996-1017hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Gascuel, O.; Levy, D.. A reduction algorithm for approximating a (nonmetric) dissimilarity by a tree distance (Lang.: eng). - In: J. Classif. Vol. 13, No. 1. 1996. p.129-155.

126371996-1018hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Lapointe, F.-J.; Legendre, P.. Comparisons tests for dendrograms: a comparative evaluation (Lang.: eng). - In: J. Classif. Vol. 12, No. 2. 1995. p.265-282.

126381996-1019hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Hansen, P.; Jaumard, B., Simeone, B.. Espaliers: a generalization of dendrograms (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Classif. Vol. 13, No. 1. 1996. p.107-127.

126391996-1020hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Unru, R.C.; Krieger, O., Gamsa, B., Stumm, M.. Hierarchical clustering: a structure for scalable multiprocessor operating system design (Lang.: eng). - In: J.of Supercomputing. Vol. 9, No. 1/2. 1995. p.105-134.

16857hierarchy in numerical taxonomy 254
Bahia Jacintho, Eliana Maria dos Santos. El mercado de trabajo para archiveros seg?n los anuncios brasile?os de empleo (2012-2014) : an?lisis y organizaci?n terminol?gicos de ofertas empresariales [The labor market for archivists according to Brazilian job ads (2012-2014) : analysis and organization of business terminology deals] (Lang.: spa). - Getafe, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2015. Available at http://hdl.handle.net/10016/23080

115141993-0615254, 348
Warner, A.J.. Automatic hierarchical organization of phrases using machine-readable dictionary information (Lang.: eng). - In: Ann.Rev.OCLC Res.. 1992. p.50-52.

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