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54792008-0022relational data 247
Ayanso, A., Goes, P.B., Mehta, K. A practical approach for efficiently answering top-k relational queries (Lang.: eng). - In: Decision Support Systems, 44(2007)1, pp. 326-349.

56782008-0223relational data 247
Botea, V., Mallett, D., Nascimento, M., Sander, J. PIST: an efficient and practical indexing technique for historical spatio-temporal point data (Lang.: eng). - In: GeoInformatica, 12(2008)2, p.143-168.

7651relational data 247
Sarinder, K.K.S. et al. Biodiversity information retrieval across networked data sets (Lang.: eng). - In: Aslib proceedings, 62(2010)4/5, pp. 514-522.

101261995-0153relational data 247
Meier, A.. Relationale Datenbanken. Eine Einführung in die Praxis [Relational databases. An introduction into practice] (Lang.: ger). - 2. Aufl. ed. Berlin/Heidelberg, Springer Verlag, 1995. pp. XI,180. ISBN: 3540574867.

107301990-2-127relational data 247
Coussoulet, J.-P. Conception et réalisation d'un système relationnel documentaire: Campus-Doc [Conception and establishment of a relational documentation system: Campus-Doc] (Lang.: fre). - Nice, FR, Univ.d.Sciences, 1988. (Th.3ieme cycle: Informatique).

109591990-1-093relational data 247
Mladenova, A.G. Syntactic and semantic structures of relational query languages (Lang.: eng). - In: MTA.Számitastechn.és autom.kut.intéz.tanulm.No.209.1988.p.1-181.

109601990-1-094relational data 247
Ram, S.; Curran, St.M. An automated tool for relational database design (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Syst.Vol.14.No.3.1989.p.247-259.

111991990-2-128relational data 247
Gamal-Eldin, M.S.; Gomer, Th., Ramez, E. Integrating relational databases with support for updates (Lang.: eng). - In: Int.Symp.DSatabase and distribution System, Austin, TX, Dec.5-7, 1988: Proc.1988.p.202-209.Washington, DC,

117651994-0869relational data 247
Rishe, N.. A methodology and tool for top-down relational database design (Lang.: eng). - In: Data Knowl.Eng.. 10(1993)3,p.259-291.

117661994-0870relational data 247
Shoval, P.; Shreiber, N.. Database reverse engineering: from the relational to the binary relationship model (Lang.: eng). - In: Data Knowl.Eng.. 10(1993)3,p.293-315.

129131993-0136relational data 247
Deweze, A.. Basethèque: base de données relationnelle pour applications documentaires [Basethèque: relational data base for documentary applications] (Lang.: fre). - In: I.D.T. Information, Documentation Transfert des Connaissances. Congrès, Bordeaux, 28 May 1991. p.223-224.

129141993-0137relational data 247
Lécluse, Ch.. Un modèle ensembliste pour la Relation Universelle: théorie et réalisation [A general model for the Universal Relation: theory and implementation] (Lang.: fre). - In: TSI: Techn.et Sci.Inform.Vol. 9 No. 5. 1990. p.423-435.

119561995-0152247, 124
Barrett, A.R.; Edwards, J.S.. Knowledge elicitation and knowledge representation in a large domain with multiple experts (Lang.: eng). - In: Expert Syst.with Applications. 8(1995)1,p.169-176. The paper describes the knowledge elicitation and knowledge representation aspects of a system being developed to help with the design and maintenance of relational data bases. (Author, abbr.)

126241996-1005247, 252
Annevelink, J.; Goldschmidt, A.B., Pinchbeck, V.E., Ziegler, D.R.. Domain-based partitioning and reclustering of relations in object-oriented relational database management systems (Lang.: eng). - 1995. (US Patent No.5448727).

124011996-0178247, 349
DePrez, D.; Caplan,S.D., Cohen-Levy,L., Graves,A., Schmidt,RD. Method for evaluating relational database queries with automatic indexing and ordering of join components (Lang.: eng). - 1995. (US Patent No. 5423035). The patent claims a computer-implemented method that speeds up relational database qualification processing by emulating the function of a multiple dimension index, including constant expressions and joins involving complex functions. (Authors, abbr.)

8783relational data data indexing geosciences 247;82-33
Sacco, G. M., et al. Dynamic taxonomies applied to a web-based relational database for geo-hydrological risk mitigation (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and geosciences, 39(2012), pp. 182-187.

Ciaccia, P.; Maio, D., Tiberio, P. A method for hierarchy processing in relational systems (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Systems.Vol.14.No.2.1989.p.93-105.

Motro, Amihai. Vague: A user interface to relational databases that permits vague queries (Lang.: eng). - In: ACM Trans.Off.Inf.Vol.6.No.3.1988.p.187-214.

D'Atri, A.; Di Felice, P., Moscarini, M. Dynamic query interpretation in relational databases (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Systems.Vol.14.No.3.1989.p.195-204.

109611990-1-095music 2478-93
Hill, J.W.; Ward, T.R. Two relational databases for finding text paraphrases in musicological research (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers & Humanities.Vol.23.1989.p.105-111.

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