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35292004-0056construction methods 233
O'Keefe, D.J.O. Cultural literacy in a global information society - specific language : an explorative ontological analysis utilizing comparative taxonomy (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization and the Global Information Society. Proceedings of the 8th International ISKO Conference [see 2004-0004], 55-59.

40882005-32-2-0164construction methods 233
Chaudhry, A.S., Ling, G.H. Building taxonomies using organizational resources : a case of business consulting environment (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 32(2005)1, p.25-46.

54752008-0018construction methods 233
Conflict, comfort, & control: secrets of taxonomy design (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Management Journal, 41(2007)6, p.45.

54762008-0019construction methods 233
Connelly, J. Eight steps to successful taxonomy design (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Management Journal, 41(2007)6, pp.40-46.

54772008-0020construction methods 233
Reamy, T. Taxonomy development advice (Lang.: eng). - In: AIIM E-DOC, 21(2007)6, pp. 35-37.

59262009-0046construction methods 233
Wang, Z., Chaudhry, A. S., Khoo, C.S.G. Using classification schemes and thesauri to build an organizational taxonomy for organizing content and aiding navigation (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Documentation, 64(2008)6, p.842-876.

59272009-0047construction methods 233
Xueying, Z., Krause, J. An approach to automatic keyword extraction in Chinese text (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information, 27(2008)4, p.512-520.

64142009-0534construction methods 233
Neelameghan, A. Building a thesaurus for a specialized subject: a case report (Lang.: eng). - In: Information studies, 15(2009)1, pp.61-64.

7880construction methods 233
Hlava, M. Using a ‘collabulary’ to create a taxonomy (Lang.: eng). - In: Information outlook, 14(2010)5, pp. 29-32.

9012construction methods 233
Desfriches-Doria, Orélie. Systèmes d’organisation des connaissances hétérogènes et practiques de gestion de l’information [Systems of heterogeneous knowledge organization and practices in the management of information] (Lang.: fre). - In: L’organisation des connaissances, pp. 235-245 (08.21).

9245construction methods 233
Doria, Orélie Desfriches. The role of activities awareness in faceted classification development (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization, 39(2012)4, pp. 283-291.

9804construction methods 233
Nickerson, Robert C.; Varshney, Upkar; Muntermann, Jan. Method for taxonomy development and its application in information systems (Lang.: eng). - In: European journal of information systems, 22(2013)3, pp. 336-359.

104721994-0866construction methods 233
Bastide, C.. Elaboration d'un langage documentaire en vue de l'etablissement d'un catalogue matières [Elaboration of a documentary language for the establishment of a subject catalogue] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, Mém.Int.Natl.Techn.de la Doc. (INTD), 1993. pp. 70.

136581996-0996construction methods 233
Ciganik, M.. Metainformation management of information sources (Lang.: slo). - In: Kniznice a Informacie. Vol. 27, No. 11. 1995. p.413-422.

15173construction methods 233
Barité, Mario; Fernández-Molina, Carlos. Metodologías top-down y bottom-up de análisis de dominio: perspectiva desde la garantía literaria [Domain analysis top-down and top-up methodologies: perspective since the literary warrant] (Lang.: por). - In: Desafios e perspectivas científicas para a organização e representação do conhecimento na atualidade (06.11-10-20/22), pp. 67-70.

15376construction methods 233
Moura, Maria Aparecida. Autopoiesis e formação discursiva na consolidação de linguagens de indexação [Autopoiesis [sic] and discoursive formation in indexing languages: the Brazilian Thesaurus on Semiotic Studies] (Lang.: por). - In: Complexidade e organização do conhecimento: desafios de nosso século. Rio de Janeiro: ISKO-Brasil; Marília: FUNDEPE, pp. 97-102.

15377construction methods 233
Santos, Cibele Araújo Camargo Marques dos et al. Elaboração de vocabulário controlado em formato SKOS usando Tematres: implicações metodológicas e web-semântica [Development of a SKOS-based controlled vocabulary by using TEMATRES: methodological implicatins and semantic web] (Lang.: por). - In: Complexidade e organização do conhecimento: desafios de nosso século. Rio de Janeiro: ISKO-Brasil; Marília: FUNDEPE, pp. 205 - 210.

16371construction methods 233
Mendonça, Fabrício Martins; Almeida, Maurício Barcellos . Methodological Principles For Building Of Ontologies: Analysis Of The Current Practices And Suggestion Of Improvements (Lang.: p). - In: Informação: além das nuvens, expandindo as fronteiras da Ciência da Informação: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ciência da Informação, (2014), pp. 430-447. Available at http://enancib2014.eci.ufmg.br/documentos/anais/anais-gt2

16681construction methods 233
Park, Ok Nam . 로티의 신실용주의와 정보조직 시스템 설계의 의미 [Rorty"s Neo-Pragmaticism and its Implications on Knowledge Organization System Development] (Lang.: kor). - In: JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SOCIETY FOR LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE,50(2016)1, pp.235-259.

18193construction methods 233
Zamboni, Rita Costa Veiga . Organização do conhecimento, classificação e diversidade cultural: uma análise a partir do conceito de garantias [Knowledge organization, classification and cultural diversity: an analysis based on the concept of warranta] (Lang.: por). - In: Dissertation.São Paulo, Universidade de São Paulo, 2018. pp. 197. Available at http://www.teses.usp.br/teses/disponiveis/27/27151/tde-17072018-171543/pt-br.php

16372construction methods thesaurus construction for purposes 233;236
Cunha, Mônica Maria Pádua Souto da; Silva, Fábio Mascarenhas . The Typological Analysis As Subsidy For Construction Of Controlled Vocabulary: The Case Of Recife Orphan's Court (1824-1889) (Lang.: p). - In: Informação: além das nuvens, expandindo as fronteiras da Ciência da Informação: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ciência da Informação, (2014), pp. 448-467. Available at http://enancib2014.eci.ufmg.br/documentos/anais/anais-gt2

20482000-0324construction methods special KOS non-christian religion 233;698
Elazar, D.H. The development, use, and revision of 'A classification Scheme for Special Libraries of Judaica' (Lang.: eng). - In: Technicalities, 18(1998)10,p.11-12.

18395construction methods museum indexing 233;878
Padua, Mariana Cantisani; Jorente, Maria José Vicentini; Nakano, Natalia. Design Science as a methodology for the development of Knowledge Organization Systems in museological entities (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 786-794.

Negrini, G.. CLASTHES:a thesaurofacet creator (Lang.: eng). - In: Libr.Sci.Slant Doc.Inf.Stud.. 31(1994)1,p.1-12. Description of CLASTHES, a specific software package created on an Apple Macintosh II fx platform by the ISRDS in order to structure a system of concepts defined both as the conceptual expression of the structural relationship of a whole - i.e., the image of the external structure of the system - and as the structural relationship between the individual elements within the system itself. The external structure, which is the general structure of the system, is created by means of thesaurus facets, here defined as areas, while the internal structure is represented by the relationships linking the single elements attributed to the various areas. (Author)"

102631996-0997conceptology psychology in KO 233/5
Garabiol, N.. Terminologie et thesaurus: construction d'un thésaurus à partir de ressources terminologiques et constitution d'un référentiel terminologique [Terminology and thesaurus: construction of a thesauris on the basis of terminological resources and by establishing a terminological reference] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, IEP, 1995. pp. 114.(Mem.DESS: Info-doc.).

Further items on this class as a particular theme

17843DDC construction methods 043;233
Conradi, Elise; Green, Rebecca; Kyrios, Alex. Crowdsourcing the Dewey Decimal Classification: when users become contributors (Lang.: eng). In: WLIC, 2016 (Satellite meeting - Subject Access: Unlimited Opportunities).2016. pp. 11.

1721997-2-0171linguistics for descriptors construction methods 234;233
Ungern-Sternberg, S. von. Planering av tvarvetenskaplig informationsforsorjning : en tillampning pa bioteknish forskning [Planning of interdisciplinary information provision : an application on research in biotechnology] (Lang.: swe). In: Kirjastotiede ja Informatiika 14(1995)4. p.132-138. On the use of analysis of indexing and bibliometric methods such as co-citation analysis, co-word analysis and bibliographic coupling as tools for defining terms for a information language in interdisciplinary fields which are difficult to define

35652004-0092DDC construction methods 43;233
Kublik, A., Clevette, V., Ward, D., Olson, H.A. Adapting dominant classifications to particular contexts (Lang.: eng). In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 37(2003)1/2, p.13-31.

16389index editing construction methods 817;233
Souza, Joice Cleide Cardoso Ennes de; Almeida, Elan Cardozo Paes de . Methodological Approach To Organization Of Images In Pathology (Lang.: por). In: Informação: além das nuvens, expandindo as fronteiras da Ciência da Informação: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ciência da Informação, (2014), pp. 778-797. Available at http://enancib2014.eci.ufmg.br/documentos/anais/anais-gt2

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