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Items on this class as the base theme

18562descriptors in 228
Cieloch-Niewiadomska, Joanna. Introducing the National Library of Poland Descriptors to the Polish National Bibliography (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 57(2019)1, pp.37-58. Available at http://doi.org/10.1080/01639374.2019.1573774

126131996-0991conceptology systems theory 228-21/4
Suraud, M.G.; Quoniam, L., Rostaing, H., Dou, H.. On the significance of data bases keywords for a large scale bibliometric investigation in fundamental physics (Lang.: eng). - In: Scientometrics. Vol. 33, No. 1. 1995. p.41-63.

126141996-0992descriptors in pure chemistry 228-26
Sheridan, R.P. et al. Chemical similarity using geometric atom pair descriptors (Lang.: eng). - In: J. Chem.Inform.& Comput.Sci. Vol. 36, No. 1. 1996. p.128-136.

126151996-0993descriptors in pure chemistry 228-26
Kearsley, S.K. et al. Chemical similarity using physicochemical property descriptors (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Chem.Inform.& Comput.Sci. Vol. 36, No. 1. 1996. p.118-127.

126161996-0994descriptors in 228-538
Alvarez, P.; Pulgarin, A.. The Rasch Model. Measuring information from keywords: The Diabetes field (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci. Vol. 47, No. 6. 1996. p.468-476.

126171996-0995descriptors in 228-984
Suiter, D.E.. Establishing uniform headings for the sacred scriptures: a persistent issue in Hebraica-Judaica cataloging (Lang.: eng). - In: Judaica Librarianship. Vol. 9, No. 1-2. 1994/5. p.83-85.

17635descriptors in 228; 983; 382
Darányi, S.; Forró, L.. Detecting multiple motif co-occurrences in the Aarne-Thompson-Uther tale type catalog: a preliminary survey. (Lang.: eng). - In: Anales de Documentación, 15(2012)1.Murcia, ES, Departamento de Información y Documentación de la Universidad de Murcia, 2012. pp. 11. Available at http://http://revistas.um.es/analesdoc/article/view/134691/131801 ISSN: 16977904

Further items on this class as a particular theme

16420compound descriptors descriptors in 227;228
Lilley, Spencer C. . Ka Pō, Ka Ao, Ka Awatea: the interface between epistemology and Māori subject headings (Lang.: eng). In: Cataloging & classification quarterly,53(2015)5/6, pp. 479-495.

16421compound descriptors descriptors in 227;228
Bardenheier, Penelope; Wilkinson, Elizabeth H.; Dale, HÄ“mi . Ki te Tika te Hanga, Ka Pakari te Kete: With the right structure we weave a strong basket (Lang.: eng). In: Cataloging & classification quarterly,53(2015)5/6, pp. 496-519.

16428compound descriptors descriptors in 227;228
Littletree, Sandra; Metoyer, Cheryl A. . Knowledge organization from an indigenous perspective: The Mashantucket Pequot thesaurus of American Indian terminology project (Lang.: eng). In: Cataloging & classification quarterly,53(2015)5/6, pp. 640-657.

16429compound descriptors descriptors in 227;228
Duarte, Marisa Elena; Belarde-Lewis; Miranda . Imagining: creating spaces for indigenous ontologies (Lang.: eng). In: Cataloging & classification quarterly,53(2015)5/6, pp. 677-702.

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