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9004   history of related subjects • 196
Orna, Elizabeth. – Classification and visualization of knowledge: light from a forgotten past (Lang.: eng). - In: Facets of knowledge organization, pp. 241-259 (

10123   1996-0976history of related subjects • 196
Busse, D.; Hermanns, F., Teubert, W.. – Begriffsgeschichte und Diskursgeschichte. Methodenfragen und Forschungsergebnisse der historischen Semantik [History of the concept and history of discourse. Questions of methodology and research results of historical semantics] (Lang.: ger). - Opladen, DE, Westdeutscher Verlag, 1994. – pp. 300. – ISBN: 3531126032. The book was reviewed by Günther Pflug in Muttersprache 106(1996)3, p.272-273.

10332   1995-0131history of related subjects • 196
Weijers, O. (Ed.). – Vocabulaire des collèges universitaires (XIIIe-XVIe siècles) [Vocabularies of university colleges in the 13th to the 16th centuries] (Lang.: fre). - In: Actes du colloque Leuven, 9-11 avril 1992..Turnhout, Brepols, 1993. – pp. 185. The volume contains 11 contributions of a conference on medieval university history which was organized by the Comité International du vocabulaire des institutions et de la communication intellectuelles du moyen age. H.P.Neuheuser, in his review (Bibliothek 18(1994)No.2, p.271) points out that the contributions reflect the situations at several universities all over Europe. Especially of interest are the conceptual analyses of technical terms e.g. used for administration and functioning of esstablishments, for knowledge transfer and the persons involved. Also the organization library activities play a role here. The volume includes an "index des termes techniques

12602   1996-0974history of related subjects • 196
Gilchrist, A.. – Blissful spiders: forty years of information retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: Managing Information. Vol. 3, No. 5. 1996. p.35-40. Reminds of the role which classification played at the 1957 Dorking Conference and draws attention to a conference in 1997 to commemorate this earlier event and the achievements in between.

12603   1996-0975history of related subjects • 196
Marciszewski, W.. – Leibniz' two legacies and their implications regarding knowledge engineering (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowl.Org. Vol. 23, No. 2. 1996. p.77-83.

13395   1996-0977history of related subjects • 196
Serrai, A.. – Cataloghi di vendite delle biblioteche private [Private library sales catalogues] (Lang.: ita). - In: Bibliotecario, No. 1. 1995. p.11-133.

18339   history of related subjects • 196
Tennis, Joseph T.Β . – Intellectual history, history of ideas, and subject ontogeny (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 308-313.

12047   1995-0362196, 171, 261
Huth, M. – Symbolic and sub-symbolic knowledge organization in the computational theory of mind (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowl.Org. Vol. 22. No. 1. 1995. p.10-17.

473   1997-4-0474history of related subjects • general bibliographies • 196;011
Fernandez, F.S., Moreno, A.G. – History of information science in Spain : a selected bibliography (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American society for information science. p.369-372.

474   1997-4-0475history of related subjects • general bibliographies • 196;011
Williams, R.V., Whitmire, L., Bradley, C. – Bibliography of the history of information science in North Amarica, 1900-1995 (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American society for information science. p.373-379.

17959   history of related subjects • cluster analysis • 196;252
Zhao, Rongying; Wei, Mingkun; Quan, Wei. – Evolution of think tanks studies in view of a scientometrics perspective (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,44(2017)5, pp. 335-348.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2017. – pp. 14. ISSN: 09437444; 6 Diagrams, 6 Charts



Further items on this class as a particular theme

17889recurring reviews • conferences • 025;06;196
Clarke, Stella Dextre. – Knowledge organizationβ€”making a difference. Report of the Fourth Biennial Conference of ISKO UK (London, 13-14 July 2015) (Lang.: eng). – In: Knowledge Organization,42(2015)6, pp. 399-400.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. – pp. 2. ISSN: 09437444

14151999-0210terminology problems • history of related subjects • literature reviews • 771;196;02
Petrova, T. – Book review of Tatarinov, V.A.: Istoriia otechestvennogo terminovedeniia [History of Russian terminological science]: Vol.1 and Vol.2, part 1. - Moscow: Moskovskii litsei, 1994. - 407 p. - ISBN: 5885640149 (Lang.: eng). – In: Terminology , 4(1997)1,p.184-189.

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