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171997-1-0017concept formation 154
Gödert, W. Zum Verständnis des Informationsbegriffes [On the understanding of the concept information] (Lang.: ger). - In: Buch und Bibliothek Vol.48, No.3 1996, p. 272-297.

109491990-1-069concept formation 154
Gennari, J.H.; Langley, P., Fisher, D. Models of incremental concept formation (Lang.: eng). - In: Artificial Intelligence.Vol.40.No.1.1989.p.11-61.

117491994-0841concept formation 154
Liu, Huan; Wen, Wilson X.. Joint concept formation (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Acquisition. (1994)6,p.75-87.

122271995-0754concept formation 154
Jaenecke, P. Book review of Fisher, D.H., Pazzani, M.J., Langley, P.(Eds.): Concept formation: Knowledge and experience in unsupervised learning; San Mateo, CA: Morgan Kaufman Publ. 1991. 472+XIIIp (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowl.Org. Vol. 22. No. 2. 1995. p.99-101.

18151concept formation 154
Arboit, Aline Ellis. Knowledge Organization: From Term to Concept, From Concept to Domain (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 45(2018)2, pp. 125-136. Available at http://DOI:10.5771/0943-7444-2018-2- 125

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