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5643   2008-0188systems typology142
Feinberg, M. – Hidden bias to responsible bias: an approach to information systems based on Haraway's situated knowledges (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Research 12(2007) Supplement, p.1-13.

9228   systems typology142
Heuvel, C. van den. – Multidimensional classifications: past and future conceptualizations and visualizations (Lang.: eng). - In: Proceedings of the 3rd North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization, Toronto, Canada, June 16-17 2011, pp. 105-121.

10128   1995-0114systems typology142
Mainzer, K.. – Thinking in complexity. The dynamics of matter, mind, and mankind (Lang.: eng). - X,329p.; Berlin/Heidelberg, 118 figs.; Springer Verlag, 1994. – ISBN: 3540575979. The new integrative approach of complexity theory can give new insights that were not available using traditional reductionistic methods.

17741   systems typology142
Bratková, Eva; KuÄŤerová, Helena. – Knowledge Organization systems and their typology (Lang.: eng). - In: Revue of Librarianship, 25(2014)2, pp. 1-25.Prague, CZ, Charles University, 2014. – pp. 28. – Available at http://http://knihovna.nkp.cz/knihovna142_suppl/1402suppl01.htm ISSN: 18013252

18352   systems typology142
Qin, Jian. – A Relation typology in Knowledge Organization Systems: case studies in the research data management domain (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 409-415.

18357   systems typologyKO metadata142;918
Salaba, Athena; Tennis, Joseph T.. – Solid Foundations and some secondary assumptions in the design of bibliographic metadata: toward a typology of complementary uses of metadata (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 450-459.



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