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101591995-0751algebraic methods 132
Luxenburger, M. Implikationen, Abhängigkeiten und Galois-Abbildungen. Beiträge zur formalen Begriffsanalyse [Implications, dependencies and Galois-figures. Contributions to formal concept analysis] (Lang.: ger). - Aachen, Shaker Verlag, 1995. pp. 80. ISBN: 3861116154.

102901995-0349algebraic methods 132
Kent, R.E.; Bowman, C.M. Digital libraries, conceptual knowledge systems, and the Nebula interface (Lang.: eng). - Pittsburgh, PA, Transarc. The Gulf Tower, 1994. pp. 13. Concept analysis provides a principled approach to effective management of wide area information systems, such as the Nebula File System and Interface. This not only offers evidence to support the assertion that a digital library is a bounded collection. of incommensurate information sources in a logical space, but also sheds light on techniques for collaboration through coordinated access to the shared organization of knowledge. (Authors)

111801990-2-095algebraic methods 132
Baumann, E.V. Fuzzy classification methods (a variational approach) (Lang.: eng). - In: Automation & Remote Control.Vol.49.No.12, 2.1989.p.1650-61.

120371995-0350algebraic methods 132
Neuss, Ch.; Kent, R.E. Conceptual analysis of resource meta-information (Lang.: eng). - In: Computer Networks & ISDN Syst. Vol. 27. 1995. p.973-984. With the continuously growing amount of Internet accessible information resources, locating relevant information in the World-Wide Web becomes increasingly difficult. Recent developments proovide scalable mechanisms for maintaining indexes of network-acc. essible information. In order to implement sophisticated retrieval engines, a means of automatic analysis and classification of document meta-information has to be found. We propose the use of methods from the mathematical theory of concept analysis to a. nalyze and interactively explore the information space defined by wide-area resource discovery services. (Authors)

138961993-0046algebraic methods 132
Wille, R.. Begriffliche Datensysteme als Werkzeug der Wissenskommunikation [Conceptual data systems as tools of knowledge communication] (Lang.: ). -

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47082006-33-4-0311data analysis algebraic methods 322;132
Priss, U. Formal concept analysis in information science (Lang.: eng). In: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 40(2006), p.521-543.

47092006-33-4-0312data analysis algebraic methods 322;132
Priss, U., Old. Modelling lexical databases with formal concept analysis (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of Universal Computer Science, 10(2004)8, p.967-984.

47102006-33-4-0313data analysis algebraic methods reviews in special KO fields 322;132;026
Priss, U. Formal concept analysis in information science (Lang.: eng). In: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 40(2006), p.521-543.

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