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1581997-2-0157standards for KOS construction 09.23
NBLC Trefwoorden Thesaurus : handleiding NBLC-Thesaurus [NBLC Subject Headings Thesaurus : Guidelines for the NBLC-Thesaurus] (Lang.: dut). - Dern Haag, NBLC, 1996. pp. 54. Guidelines for the thesaurus used by Dutch public libraries

54642008-0007standards for KOS construction 09.23
Martinez, A.M. Abbreviations and mark symbols recommended by thesaurus standards and authority guidelines: a need for uniform criteria (Lang.: eng). - In: International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control, 36(2007)4, pp.83-86.

58872009-0007standards for KOS construction 09.23
Shuter, J. New and revised indexing standards (Lang.: eng). - In: The Indexer, 26(2008)2, p.96.

63962009-0516standards for KOS construction 09.23
Dextre Clarke, Stella G. ISO 2788 + ISO 5964 + much energy = ISO 25964 (Lang.: eng). - In: Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 35(2008)1, pp.31-33.

63972009-0517standards for KOS construction 09.23
IFLA. Section on Classification and Indexing. Working Group on Guidelines for Multilingual Thesauri. Guidelines for multilingual thesauri (Lang.: eng). - The Hague, IFLA, 2009. pp. 30.(IFLA professional reports, no. 115). ISBN: 97689077897355; ISSN: 01681931.

6901standards for KOS construction 09.23
Guidelines for Multilingual Thesauri (Lang.: eng). - In: International cataloguing & bibliographic control, 38(2009)3, p.38.

7055standards for KOS construction 09.23
Martínez, Ana M., Mendes, Paola. La norma Argentina de construcción de tesauros iram 32057: necesidad de actualización. 1. El vocabulario controlado [The Argentine standard for thesaurus construction IRAM 32057: a need for updating, 1. The controlled vocabulary] (Lang.: eng). - In: Informacion, cultura y sociedad, 21(2009), pp.11-30.

7104standards for KOS construction 09.23
Barité, Mario. Garantía literaria y normas para construcción de vocabularios controlados: aspectos epistemológicos y metodológicos [Literary warrant and guidelines for the construction of controlled vocabularies: epistemological and methodological aspects] (Lang.: spa). - In: Scire: representación y organización del conocimiento, 15(2009)2, pp. 13-24.

7331standards for KOS construction 09.23
Ballestra, Laura. Multiculturalità e thesauri multilingue: problemi e prospettive alla luce delle Guidelines for multilingual thesauri di IFLA [Multiculturality and multilingual thesauri: problems and perspectives in the light of IFLA Guidelines for multilingual thesauri] (Lang.: ita). - In: I workshop di Teca: 8 focus per le biblioteche; ed. by Waldemaro Morgese & Maria A. Abenante. Rome, AIB, 2010. 373pp, pp. 151-160.

7332standards for KOS construction 09.23
Clarke, Stella Dextre. Thesaurus standards on a converging track (Lang.: eng). - In: Legal information management, 10(2010)1, pp. 43-45.

8045standards for KOS construction 09.23
Chaudhry, Abdus Sattar. Assessment of taxonomy building tools (Lang.: eng). - In: Electronic library, 28(2010)6, pp. 769-788.

8046standards for KOS construction 09.23
Melgar Estrada, Liliana M. Topic maps from a knowledge organization perspective (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization 38(2011)1, pp. 43-61.

8752standards for KOS construction 09.23
Ungváry, Rudolf. A magyar tezaurusz- szabvány és Horváth Tibor nemzedéke [Hungarian standard of thesaurus and generation of Tibor Horváth] (Lang.: hun). - In: Könyv és nevelés, 13(2011)4, pp. 73-82.

8975standards for KOS construction 09.23
Hudon, Michèle. ISO 25964: vers une nouvelle norme pour l’organisation et l’accès à l’information et aux connaissances [ISO 25964: towards a new standard for the organization and access to information and knowledge] (Lang.: eng). - In: L’organisation des connaissances, pp. 207-219 (08.21) .

8976standards for KOS construction 09.23
Will, L. The ISO 25964 data model for the structure of an information retrieval thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - In: Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 38(2012)4, pp. 48-51.

9217standards for KOS construction 09.23
Ungváry, Rudolf. A magyar tezaurusz-szabvány és Horváth Tibor nemzedéke [Hungarian standard of thesaurus and generation of Tibor Horváth] (Lang.: hun). - In: Könyv és nevelés, 13(2011)4. Suppl., pp. 73-82.

9218standards for KOS construction 09.23
Sánchez-Cuadrado, Sonia, Colmenero-Ruiz, María-Jesús, Moreiro, José-Antonio . Tesauros: estándares y recomendaciónes [Thesauri: standards and guidelines] (Lang.: spa). - In: El profesional de la información, 21(2012)3, pp. 229-235.

9410standards for KOS construction 09.23
Will, Leonard. The ISO 25964 data model for the structure of an information retrieval thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - In: Categories, contexts and relations in knowledge organization (06.12-08-6/9).

9593standards for KOS construction 09.23
ISO 25964-2:2013 information and documentation – thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies – part 2: interoperability with other vocabularies (Lang.: eng). - Geneva, Switzerland, International Organization for Standardization, 2013. pp. 99.

15315standards for KOS construction 09.23
Kempf, Andreas Oskar. Thesauri und Interoperabilität mit anderen Vokabularen [Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies] (Lang.: ger). - In: Information: Wissenschaft & Praxis, 64(2013)6, pp.365–368.

18098standards for KOS construction 09.23
Hommrich, Dirk; et al.. Normdaten und Datenanreicherung beim Fachportal openTA [Standards data and data accumulation in the specialized portal openTA] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst, 52(2018)3/4, pp. 248–265. Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/bd-2018-0031

17924standards for KOS construction general structures 09.23;21
Dextre Clarke, Stella G.; Vernau, Judi. Questions and answers on current developments inspired by the thesaurus tradition (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2016)3, pp. 203-209.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. pp. 10. ISSN: 09437444; 1 Diagram, 3 Charts

9409standards for KOS construction terminological work 09.23;773
Liu, Hua. [Revision of International Standards [sic] of Thesaurus and its influence on terminology services based on knowledge organization. ] (Lang.: chi). - In: Library and information service, 56(2012)22, pp. 21-25.

Proposed American National Standard Guidelines for the construction, format, and management of monolingual thesauri (Lang.: eng). - Bethesda, MD, NISO, 1991. pp. VII+126.

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