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6898   standards on concepts09.12
Calvitti, Tiziana, Viti, Elisabetta. – Da ISO 2788 ai nuovi standard per la costruzione e l'interoperabilità dei vocabolari controllati: un'analisi comparativa [From ISO 2788 to the new standards for the construction and interoperability of structured vocabularies: a comparative analysis] (Lang.: ita). - In: Bollettino AIB, 49(2009)3, pp. 307-323.

7834   standards on concepts09.12
Pohl, Adrian, Ostrowski, Felix. – Linked Data - und warum wir uns im hbz-Verbund damit beschäftigen! [Linked data at the hbz] (Lang.: ger). - In: B.I.T. online: Zeitschrift für Bibliothek, Information und Technologie, 13(2010)3, pp. 259-268. – Available at http://eprints.rclis.org/18934/

18885   standards on concepts09.12; 998
Glagla-Dietz, Stephanie; Habermann, Nicole. – Standardnummern für Personen [Standard numbers for individuals] (Lang.: ger). - In: Dialog mit Bibliotheken, 32(2020)2, pp. 20-25. – Available at http://d-nb.info/1218796596/34

17766   standards on conceptsconceptual models09.12;124
Cheti, Alberto. – I processi cognitivi nell'analisi concettuale dei documenti: una postilla tra biblioteconomia e linguistica (Lang.: it). - In: Associazione italiana biblioteche, 56(2016)1, pp. 7-39.Roma, IT, Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (AIB), 2016. – pp. 32. – Available at http://http://aibstudi.aib.it/article/view/11407 ISSN: 22809113

17785   standards on conceptsconceptual models09.12;124
Lemieux, Victoria L. (Ed.). – Building trust in information: perspectives on the frontiers of provenance (Lang.: eng). - In: Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, © 2016.Switzerland, Springer International Publishing, 2016. – Available at http://http://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319402253 – 783319402260.

17856   standards on conceptsspecial KOShuman sciences09.12;65
Carvalho, Sara; Costa, Rute; Roche, Christophe. – The role of conceptual relations in the drafting of natural language definitions: an example from the biomedical domain (Lang.: eng). - In: Academia.edu.San Francisco‎, CA, Academia.edu, 2018. – pp. 7. – Available at http://https://www.academia.edu/36041811/The_Role_of_Conceptual_Relations_in_the_Drafting_of_Natural_Language_Definitions_an_Example_from_the_Biomedical_Domain



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17712various universal KOSsocial sciencesstandards on concepts048-6;09.12
Wallis, Steven E.. – Abstraction and insight: building better conceptual systems to support more effective social change (Lang.: eng). – In: Foundations of Science, 19(2014)4, pp. 353–362.Switzerland, Springer International Publishing, 2014. – pp. 10. – Available at http://https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10699-014-9344-4 – 9783319064918.

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