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105541994-0708serials on special KO fields 056
Moore, N.L.. LISA Plus (Lang.: eng). - London, GB, Bowker-Saur, 1994. LISA PLUS is the CD-ROM to Library and Information Science Abstractswith over 120,000 records from LISA which currently abstracts over 350 periodicals from over 60 countries and in over 20 different languages. Coverage is to increase in 1994. New disks cumulate information dating back to 1969.

138371990-2-040serials on special KO fields 056
Quirchmayr, G. Representing legal knowledge in information systems (Lang.: ). -

138381990-2-041serials on special KO fields 056
Zarri, G.P. Knowledge acquisition for large knowledge bases using nataural language analysis technique (Lang.: ). -

138391990-2-042serials on special KO fields 056
Black, W.J.; Johnson, F.C. A practical evaluation of two rule-based automataic abstracting techniques (Lang.: ). -

138401990-2-043serials on special KO fields 056
Neale, I.M.; Morris, A. Knowledge acquisition for expert systems: a brief review (Lang.: ). -

138411990-2-044serials on special KO fields 056
Yannakoudakis, E.J.; Ayres, F.H., Hugill, J.A.W. An expert system for quality control in cataloguing and document identification (Lang.: ). -

AXIOMATHES. Journal of the Center for Middle-European Philosophical Studies (Lang.: eng, ita). - Trento, Italy, University. Dept.of Sociology & Soc.Sci., 1993. pp. 64. From 1993 (vol. 4) the journal appears under the new name AXIOMATHES. Its editor is Roberto Poli. The Advisory Board has: L.Albertazzi, Trento; E. Morscher (Salzburg); J.Perzanowski (Torun & Krakow); G.Piana (Milano), K.Schuhmann (Utrecht); B.Smith (Buffalo); J.Wolenski (Krakow). Each issue contains an editorial, articles, critical notes, book reviews, free presentations, and information. The main directions are: phhenomenology, analytical philosophy, and Polish philosophy of the first decades of this century.

Quaderni del Laboratorio Thesauri [Issues of the Thesaurus Laboratory"] (Lang.: ita). - Firenze, IFNIA, 1990. pp. 118. The first volume of this irregular series is by Daniela Danesi on "Le variabili del Thesaurus. Gestione e struttura". It contains 8 chapters and some tables, presented by Milvia Priano. The chapters deal with the definition of a thesaurus, its nature and functioning, its elements, problems of software, its construction, its internal variabilities, its models and standardizatioon. It concludes with a bibliography of some 70 essential references.

Baird, P.(Ed.). Hypermedia (Lang.: eng). - London, GB, Taylor Graham, 1989.

Expert Systems for Information Management (Lang.: eng). - London, Taylor Graham, 1989.

Terminovedenie [Terminology Research] (Lang.: rus). - Moskva, Moskovskij Licej, 1993. pp. 128. Review of the issues having appeared in 1994 by Y. Lyukshin in Neoterm (1995)No.25/6. The periodical was founded by the Russian Terminological Society (RossTerm) in 1993. It appears 3 times annually.

Terminology. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied issues in specialized communication (Lang.: eng). - Amsterdam, J. Benjamins, 1994. pp. 200 . Editors of this new journal (Vol.1, nr.1) on terminology are Helmi Sonneveld and Kurt Loening, both of TopTerm. Juan Sager helps as consultant. Two issues per year are planned, starting 1994, with a total of approx. 400 pages. Vol.2 has been announced for Hfl.208. The publisher's announcement states that this new journal will encompass terminology in general in theory and practice and in specialized fields. Each issue is to contain in-depth articles, research reports, short notes, reviews of new books and software, as well as reports on the activities of national and specialized terminology organizations."

Interpreting. International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting (Lang.: eng). - Amsterdam/Philadelph, J. Benjamins Publ.Co., 1996. pp. 250. ISSN13846647. Editors are Barbara Moser-Mercer (Univ.of Geneva) and Dominic W. Massaro (Dept.of Psychology, UCSC) with the help of an editorial board and 12 consulting editors. The journal aims at researchers, teachers, students and professional interpreters. It contains original articles, research reports, scholarly notes and book reviews. Online catalogue and order form available via gopher://Benjamins.titlenet.com:6400.

Journal of Internet Cataloging (Lang.: eng). - Binghampton, NY, Haworth Press, 1996. The journal focusses on the bibliographic control of Internet resources. In addition to descriptions of new programs and technology, and reviews of software, innovative Internet sites, and books, the journal publishes full-length research and review articles on topics such as: subject analysis and classification of Internet resources; managerial/administrative issues dealing with policy or planning; organizatinal issues treating methods for accessing networked electronic resources; and research on userbehaviour and on social theories of information organization and access.

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