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102821995-0701serials for KOS 054
Rundbrief zu den Regensburger Aufstellungssystematiken [Newsletter on the Regensburg Shelf-Listing System] (Lang.: ger). - 1995. pp. 12. Published by the University Library Regensburg, Germany, Coordination Center for the Classification Network. This issue provides the following information: News on activities of the coordination center, Changes in the Classification System, Info on how t. o access the System by WWW, List of all the 34 volumes so far published of the Regensburg Classification System, and Bibliography of the special tools to work with the System

107071996-0538serials for KOS 054
Russian State Library. Bulletin LBC (Lang.: eng). - Moskva, Russian State Library, 1992. In October 1995 the first three issues of this new publication on the Russian Library Bibliographical Classification were distributed, beginning with No.1 in 1992, Nos. 2 and 3 in 1993 and containing information on the changes taking place in this systemas well as further information on its environment, such as its collaborators, its computerization, etc.

Dewey Decimal Classification. DC&. Additions, Notes, and Decisions. Vol.5,, No.5, April 1994 (Lang.: eng). - Albany, NY, Forest Press, 1994. pp. 54. The new issue contains a short description of the new DDC editor, Mrs. Joan Mitchell, an announcement concerning "Electronic Dewey", the new CD-ROM version of DDC20 (available for USD 400), and of 3 new publications (the DDC Workbook for Small Libraries, the DDC20 Teaching Tool, and the Guide for the DDC). Shows also teaching tools for children. Reports on the Editorial Policy Committee meetings working on DDC21. Also a feature of J.Mitchell is included: "Dewey behind the scenes" and other items. The update of the changes and corrections for DDC20 takes the rest of the issue."

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