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1351997-2-0134various universal KOS social sciences 048-6
Schott, H. (Ed.). Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften : Deutsch-English. Thesaurus for the social sciences : German-English (Lang.: ger, eng). - Revised ed. Bonn, IZ Sozialwissenschaften, 1996. pp. 274. This bilingual thesaurus has 10.500 entries of which 6.900 are descriptors and 3.600 non-descriptors. It is available from the IZ Sozialwissenschaften, Lenn‚str. 30, D-53113 Bonn

1361997-2-0135various universal KOS social sciences 048-6
Schott, H. (Ed.). Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften : English-Deutsch. Thesaurus for the social sciences : English-German (Lang.: eng, ger). - Revised ed. Bonn, IZ Sozialwissenschaften, 1996. pp. 248.

1371997-2-0136various universal KOS social sciences 048-6
Basarnova, S., Magaj, H., Mdivani, R. Schott, H., Sucker, D. Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften : Band 1: Deutsch-English-Russisch; Band 2: Russisch-Deutsch-English; Band 3: Register [Thesaurus for the social sciences : Vol. 1: German-English-Russian; Vol.2: Russian-German-English. Vol.3: Index] (Lang.: ger, eng, rus). - Bonn: IZ Sozialwissenschaften / Moskau, Institut für wissenschaftliche Information in den Gesellschaftswissenschaften, 1997. Thesaurus in three languages for searches in INION databases for the social sciences. 3Vols

17282000-0005various universal KOS social sciences 048-6
Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften : Ausgabe 1999 / bearb. von H. Schott [Thesaurus Social Sciences: edition 1999] (Lang.: ger). - Bonn, Informationszentrum Sozialwissenschaften, 1999. pp. 2 vols - 316, 312. ISBN: 3820601279.

101541996-0759various universal KOS social sciences 048-6
Schott, H.. Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften. 2 Bde. [Thesaurus for the Social Sciences. 2 vols.] (Lang.: ger). - Bonn, Germany, IZ Sozialwissenschaften, 1996. pp. 300+342. ISBN: 3820601155. The thesaurus has 10.500 entries of which 6.900 are descriptors and 3.600 non-descriptors. The terms have also been translated into English. It is available from the IZ Sozialwissenschaften, Lennéstr. 30, D-53113 Bonn.

17355various universal KOS social sciences 048-6
Merkler, Benjamin; Thiele, Raphael. Aktualisierung einer Haussystematik am Beispiel des Fachs Politikwissenschaften [Department of Political Science - updating the internal classification system] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst, 51(2017)6, pp. 537-547. Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/bd-2017-0056

12091999-0004various universal KOS social sciences literature reviews 048-6;02
James, S. Book review of ILO Thesaurus: Labour, employment and training. - Geneva: International Labour Office, 1998. - 791 p. - ISBN: 9220072552 (Lang.: eng). - In: Library Review , 48(1999)1/2,p.104-105.

17712various universal KOS social sciences standards on concepts 048-6;09.12
Wallis, Steven E.. Abstraction and insight: building better conceptual systems to support more effective social change (Lang.: eng). - In: Foundations of Science, 19(2014)4, pp. 353–362.Switzerland, Springer International Publishing, 2014. pp. 10. Available at http://https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10699-014-9344-4 9783319064918.

99511990-1-022various universal KOS politics 048-62
House of Commons Library. House of Commons Library Thesaurus, 7th ed (Lang.: eng). - London, GB, 1987. ISBN: 002613541X.

107421995-0027various universal KOS 048-622
Caccia, I.. Human rights thesaurus (Lang.: eng, fre). - Ottawa, Canada, University of Ottawa, HRREC,, 1993. This thesaurus was elaborated within the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, Human Rights Internet of the University of Ottawa. It exists also in a French version.

100851995-0695various universal KOS finance 048-64
Briane, B.; Burnand, S., Crombez, G., Vallez, O. Thésaurus: banque, finance, macroéconomie [Thesaurus for banking, finances and macroeconomics] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, AFB Diffusion, 1994. pp. 252. ISBN: 2857390300.

100941995-0229various universal KOS 048-642
Ebrard, C.; Tallard, A., De Coninck, J. Thésaurus bancaire et financier [Thesaurus for banks and financial matters] (Lang.: fre). - Guyancourt, FR, CNCA, 1993. pp. 156. ISBN: 2900607051.

100421995-0028various universal KOS 048-652
Pearce, H.J.. Thesaurus of disability index terms (Lang.: eng). - Gloucester, GB, GUiDE Inform.Centre, Glouc.Royal Hosp., 1993. pp. 43. ISBN: 0952217104. The thesaurus of GUiDE (Gloucestershire Updated Information for Disabled and Elderly People) has been developed chiefly as a guide too the filing of reference materials and as a meansof retrieving information from them. It consists of five sections: person, condition, treatment, service, and equipment - with a hierarchical sstructure and an index for the location of subjects within them. Subdivisions within the sections are allocated a running number which is used both for filing and for cross-referral from the index. (From the book-review by A.McCarthy, in Indexer, 19(1994)No.2, p.143."

107271996-0535various universal KOS 048-652
Aitchison, J.. International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology. 2nd ed. (Lang.: eng). - Geneva and New York, United Nations, UNHCR, 1996. The Thesaurus was compiled under the auspices of the International Refugee Documentation Network. The French and Spanish editions will be published in the fall of 1996. Future new editions will be available only in electronic form.

119121994-1186various universal KOS 048-652
R.; Fugmann. Book review of The Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus: A guide to concepts and terminology in substance abuse and addiction. - US Dept.of Health & Human Services. Rockville, MD: Natl. Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Inform.1993 (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization. 21(1994)3,p.163-165.

105231996-0760various universal KOS 048-654
The Marin Institute thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - San Rafael, CA, USA, Marin Inst.Prevent.Alcohol & other Drugs, 1995. pp. XII,91, 11 . The more than thousand terms are listed alphabetically and hierarchically and in rotated format. There is also a vertical file of about 200 subject headings whose suggested use is for pamphlet files. It is available from The Marin Institute, 24 BelvedereStreet, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA.

105101994-0702various universal KOS 048-657
Deutsche Stiftung f.Internationale Entwicklung. Thesaurus für wirtschaftliche und soziale Entwicklung [Thesaurus for economic and social development] (Lang.: ger). - 14.ref.Aufl. ed. In: Bonn, DE. Dt.Stiftung f.Int.Entwicklung, DSE. 1993. pp. II,40+104. Vol.1 contains a structured part, vol.2 an index part with en-de, fr-de, and es-de equivalents.

24812001-0139various universal KOS law 048-66
Moys classification and thesaurus for legal materials (Lang.: eng). - 4 ed. Munich, Saur, 2001. pp. Xlvi, 554. ISBN: 3598115024.

29792002-0004various universal KOS law 048-66
Steer, M.J. (Book review of) Moys, E.A and others: Moys classification and thesaurus for legal materials – 4 th ed - Munich: Saur, 2001 - 551 p. - ISBN 3598115024 (Lang.: eng). - In: Managing Information, 8(2001)8, p.61.

106761994-0703various universal KOS law 048-66
Burton, W.C.. Legal thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - New York, NY, Macmillan, 1992.

106771995-0230various universal KOS law 048-66
Burton, W.C. Legal thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - New York, Macmillan, 1992.

105671995-0231various universal KOS 048-666
Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennes. THECLA. Thésaurus multilingue des mots clefs des arrets de la Cour [Multilingual thesaurus of keywords of court decrees] (Lang.: ). - Luxembourg, Cour Justice Comm.Europ, 1990. The thesaurus is in the following nine languages: fr, es, da, de gr, en, it, nl, pt

103951993-0433various universal KOS urbanism 048-67
Ministerio de obras publicas y urbanismo. Tesauro de medio ambiente [Environmental thesaurus] (Lang.: spa). - Madrid, 1990. pp. 319.(Textos y documentos).

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