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Items on this class as the base theme

17658   Bliss Cl. • economy taxonomies • 045;57
Viti, Elisabetta. – Class T economics in Bliss Bibliografic Classification (Lang.: it). - In: Italian Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science, 1(2010)2.Firenze, IT, UniversitΓ  di Firenze, 2010. – pp. 27. – Available at http://https://www.jlis.it/article/view/4707 ISSN: 20381026

10062   1996-0532maths in KO • 045.1-en-62/3
Mills, J.; Broughton, V., Neilson, C.. – Bliss Bibliographic Classification. 2nd ed. Class R: Politics and Public Administration (Lang.: eng). - London, etc., Bowker/Saur, 1996. – pp. 198. – ISBN: 1857390776. The volume introduces first into the entire Bliss Classification and the Bliss Classification Association. The Introduction to Class R Politics comprises 14 chapters, explaining the scope and structure, facet structure and citation order, filing order, notation, alphabetical index, and gives classification examples. It is followed by outlines of and schedules for Politics including also auxiliary schedules and an alphabetical index to this class.

2480   2001-0138045.2
Bliss Bibliographic Classification. 2nd ed. Class AY/B: Science and technology and Physics (Lang.: eng). - Munich, Saur, 2000. – pp. 150.(Bliss Bibliographic Classification). – ISBN: 3598243308.

10063   1996-0009045.6-65, -664
Mills, J.; Broughton, V.. – Bliss Bibliographic Classification, 2nd ed. Class Q: Social Welfare and Criminology. Rev.Ed. by Ch.Preddle (Lang.: eng). - London, Bowker-Saur, 1994. – pp. LVII,139. – ISBN: 1857391217. Contains an introduction into the Bliss Classification, an introduction into Class Q with 'Building Classmarks', a summary outline, and the schedule for Social Welfare and Criminology with 22 subgroups. The volume concludes with an extended index (p.89-39).



Further items on this class as a particular theme

18366KOS comparative analysis • UDC • Bliss Cl. • 295;042;045
Smiraglia, Richard P.; Szostak, RickΒ . – Converting UDC to BCC: comparative approaches to interdisciplinarity (Lang.: eng). – In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp.Β 530-538.

7571998-0134KO historical persons • Bliss Cl. • 922;045
Thomas, A.R. – Bibliographical classification: the ideas and achievements of Henri E. Bliss (Lang.: ). – In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 1997(25)1,p. 51-104.

16731999-0468KO historical persons • Bliss Cl. • 922;045
Thomas, A.R. – Addenda to Bibliographical classification: the ideas and achievements of Henri E. Bliss (Lang.: eng). – In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 26(1997)2, p.73-75. »» Addenda to article (KO 1998-1-0134)

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