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9589   bibliography of special indexing fields • 016
A bibliography for indexing lives (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 30(2012)4, pp. 147.

13108   1990-2-001bibliography of special indexing fields • 016
Beck, H. – Book review of Dahlberg,l.(Comp.& Ed.): International Classification and Indexing Bibliography.Vol.3: Classification and Indexing Systems:theory, Structure, Methodology, 1950-1982.Indeks Verlag 1985.XII,211p (Lang.: ger). - In: Zbl.Bibl.wes.Vol.104.No.3.1990.p.132-133.

13279   1996-0002bibliography of special indexing fields • 016
Issak, C.; Katsch, L.. – Kleine Bibliographie fachsprachlicher Untersuchungen, 20. Fortsetzung [Little bibliography of special language investigations] (Lang.: ger). - In: Fachsprache. Vol. 17, No. 1-2. 1995. p.81-96. Arrangement of the entries (some 400) in alphabetical order under 6 major groupings.

18215   bibliography of special indexing fields • 016
Bauer, Bruno. – Medizinbibliothekarische Bibliografie 2017 [The Medical Librarian’s Bibliography 2017] (Lang.: ger). - In: GMS Medizin β€” Bibliothek β€” Information, 18(2018)1/2, Doc03. – Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.3205/mbi000404

18216   bibliography of special indexing fields • 016
Bauer, Bruno. – Medizinbibliothekarische Bibliografie 2016 [The Medical Librarian’s Bibliography 2016] (Lang.: ger). - In: GMS Medizin β€” Bibliothek β€” Information, 17(2017)1/2, Doc04. – Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.3205/mbi000383

10259   1990-1-005bibliography of special indexing fields • 016-355
Hypertext: An information retrieval system.Jan.1975-May 1989 (Citations from the INSPEC Information Services) (Lang.: eng). - Springfield, VA, NTIS, 1989. – pp. 113.

10449   1990-1-006bibliography of special indexing fields • vehicle science • 016-77
Conseil Int.de la Language Francaise. – Catalogue des Publications, Sept.1989 (Lang.: fre). - Paris, CILF, 1989. – pp. 52.

11917   1995-0003016.18
O'Hara Conway, M.. – Research in cataloging and classification. Methods and issues - A selective, annotated bibliography (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalog & Classification Quarterly. 19(1994)1,p.119-129.

10545   1995-0004016.31
Wellisch, H.H.. – Indexing: a basic reading list (Lang.: eng). - Port Aransas, TX, American Society of Indexers, 1992. The items in this bibliography cover the technical aspects of writing an index for a book or periodical

10697   1995-0005016.387
Query languages. DBMS Expert Applications (Lang.: eng). - Springfield, VA, NTIS, 1993. This bibliography compiled from the INSPEC database (NERAC,Inc., Tolland, CT) contains citations concerning the principles, designss, and application of expert systems to database management system query languages. Optimization, natural language, data retrieval, and modeling applications are considered. Contains a minimum of 90 citations and includes a subject term index and title list.

10606   1996-0525016.6
Manu, A. . – Bibliographic information of mono and multilingual specialized vocabularies, Bibliographies containing terminological literature, and Directories of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations (Lang.: eng). - In: BiblioTerm. No. 55/56. 1995. 21p..Vienna, AT, Infoterm, The bibliography is arranged according to the UDC.

10099   1994-1149016.73
Sabourin, C.F. (Comp.). – Computational linguistics in information science: Bibliography (Lang.: eng). - Montréal, Qc., INFOLINGUA, 1994. – pp. 1047. – ISBN: 2921173239 (vol.1); 2921173247 (vol.2). The bibliography covers information retrieval (2100 refs.), full-text (890) or conceptual (60), automatic indexing (930), text abstraction (270), content analysis (530), information extractio (520), query languages (1090), etc., altogether 6390 references, fully indexed. To order write to INFOLINGUA Inc., P.O.Box 187, Snowdon, Montréal Qc H3X 3T4, Canada.

12542   1996-0747016.73
Weinberg, B.H.. – Book review (in-depth) of Sabourin, C.F.: Computational linguistics in information science: Information retrieval, Automatic indexing, Text abstraction, Content analysis, information extraction, query languages: Bibliography. 2 vols. Montréal: Infolingua 1994. 1046p. (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci. Vol. 47, No. 3. 1996. p.247-249.

10225   1994-0687016.745
Campe, P.. – Case, Semantic Roles, and Grammatical Relations. A comprehensive bibliography (Lang.: eng). - Amsterdam, NL, J.Benjamins Publ., 1994. – pp. VII,644. – ISBN: 9027228116. Contains references to more than 6000 publications with a subject and a language index as well as a guide to the relevant languages and language families.

10239   1995-0006016.757
Expert Systems: Industrial Applications. Latest citations from the Compendex Database (Lang.: eng). - Springfield, VA, NTIS, 1993. The bibliography contains citations concerning the development and application of expert computer systems for industrial uses. The citations include references to inference logic, man-machine systems, and problem-solving aspects of expert systems. Industrial applications include flexible manufacturing, foundry practice, glass manufacture, metal working and machining. 250 citatins and a subject term index and title list.

10098   1994-1150016.76
Sabourin, C.F. (Comp.). – Computational lexicology and lexicography: bibliography (Lang.: eng). - Montréal, Qc, INFOLINGUA Inc., 1994. – pp. 1031. – ISBN: 2921173042 (vol.1); 2921173050 (vol.2). The bibliography comprises altogether 5910 references: on dictionaries-production 1380, on thesauri 680, on term banks 680, on analysis dictionaries 1230, on transfer dictionaries 140, on generation dictionaries 60, on lexical database/machine readable dictionaries 550, on lexical semantics 780, on lexicon grammar 110, etc.

12543   1996-0748016.76
Infoterm. – BIT. Bibliographic information on Mono- and Multilingual Specialized Vocabularies. Bibliographies containing terminological literature and directories of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations (Lang.: eng). - In: TermNet News. No. 52/53. 1996. 20p..(BiblioTerm 55/56). The entries are grouped according to the TermNet scheme of International Bibliographies (BTs); within each bibliography, they are arranged in the order of the UDC.

10115   1990-1-004016.761
Zgusta, L.; Farina, D.M.T.Cr. – Lexicography today: an annotated bibliography of the theory of lexicography (Lang.: eng). - Tübingen, FRG, Niemeyer, 1988. – pp. XV,349. – ISBN: 3484309180.

10607   1996-0526016.77
Manu, A.. – Bibliographic information on Terminology standards and Standardized guidelines for terminology (Lang.: eng). - In: StandardTerm. No. 35/36. 1995. 29p..Vienna, AT, Infoterm, The bibliography is arranged accoring to the UDC.

12544   1996-0749016.77.09
Infoterm. – STT Bibliographic information on terminology standards. Standardized guidelines for terminology (Lang.: eng). - In: TermNet News. No. 50/51. 1995. 24p..(StandardTerm 35/36). Arrangement of the bibliographic entries of standards according to the UDC.

13214   1995-0007016.78
Isaak, Ch.; Katsch, L.. – Kleine Bibliographie fachsprachlicher Untersuchungen [Little bibliography of special language investigations"] (Lang.: ger). - In: Fachsprache. 16(1994)3-4,p.174-192. This is the 19th continuation of a bibliography started in 1976 as an appendix to the monograph of Lothar Hoffmann: Kommunikationsmittel Fachsprache. Eine Einführung (Communication through special languages. An introduction). Berlin: Akademie Verlag 1976 and having been published in all its continuations in the journal "Fachsprache".



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