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100381995-0002recurring bibliographies 015
Deutsche Bibliothek. Liste der fachlichen Nachschlagewerke zu den Normdateien (SWD, GKD). List of the subject reference works for the authority lists (SWD, GKD) (Lang.: ger). - Frankfurt/Main, Deutsche Bibliothek, 1993. pp. 134. ISBN: 09407308.

101431995-0692015, 43.218
Subject Guide to Microforms in Print 1995. Incorporating International Microforms in Print (Lang.: eng). - München, K.G.Saur Verlag, 1995. pp. XXIV,1652. ISBN: 3598112327. All titles are sorted according to subject fields. For subject arrangement the Dewey Decimal Classification, Ed.20 was used

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