KO events in Poland

2019-09-00    Zakopane Polish Forum for Scientific and Technical Information. 14
2019-05-13/14    Warsaw Information science in the age of change. 5
2019-01-16/17    Krakow Bibliographic classifications: DDC, CC and linked data
2018-03-12    Krakow Integration ISKO PL Day
2017-08-19/25    Wrocław IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 83
2017-06-26/29    Warsaw Knowledge discovery with formal concept analysis and related formalisms (ISMIS)
2017-06-21/23    Poznań Semantic technologies in smart information sharing (WETICE)
2017-05-15/16    Warsaw Information science in the age of change. 4
2016-09-11/14    Gdańsk Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems. 2016
2016-07-11    Krakow Aplace4places: development and use of geo-historical gazetteers
2015-11-27/29    Poznań Language and Technology Conference. 7
2015-09-23/25    Zakopane Forum of Polish Society for Scientific Information. 13. ISKO PL session
2015-09-18    Poznań European NKOS Workshop. 14 (TPDL)
2015-09-14/18    Poznań Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries. 19
2015-06-25    Poznań DBPedia Community Meeting. 4
2014-09-17/19    Warsaw International Conference on Natural Language Processing. 9
2014-05-19/22    Krakow International ISKO Conference. 13
2012-09-09/12    Wrocław Well-founded everyday ontologies. 1
2012-06-28    Wrocław Natural language processing and cognitive science. 9
2011-11-25/27    Poznań Language and Technology Conference. 5
2011-10-17/19    Jachranka Computational linguistics applications
2011-09-20/23    Zakopane Forum on scholarly and technical information. 11
2011-09-19/21    Szczecin Advances in semantic information retrieval. 1
2010-10-18/20    Wisla Computational linguistics - applications

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