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2019-05-06/07    online Ontology Summit. 2019: Explanation. Symposium
2018-11-28    online SKOS: visión general y modelado de vocabularios controlados
2018-01-19    online NNLM Webinar. MeSH changes and PubMed searching
2018-01-05    online NLM Webinar. 2018 MeSH Highlights
2017-02-00    online Ontology Summit. 2017
2016-10-17/23    online #critcat read along of Sorting Things Out
2016-05-18    online Modelado y publicación de los vocabularios controlados del proyecto UNESKOS
2016-03-16    online Change tracking in KOSs with SKOS-History
2016-02-20    world World Information Architecture Day. 2016
2015-02-21    many cities World Information Architecture Day. 2015
2014-09-10/10-22    online Problems in terminological work
2014-07-10    online Thesaurus creation and back-of-the-book indexing compared
2014-01-16    online Ontology Summit. 9: Semantic Web, big data, and applied ontology
2013-05-22    online Semantic mashups across large, heterogeneous institutions: experiences from the VIVO service
2012-01-05/04-00    online Ontology Summit. 7
2011-11-03    online Ontologies and standards. 2
2011-09-26/27    online CIG e-forum on Reclassification
2011-02-10/17    online Taxonomy uses webinar series
2010-06-09    online Control your vocabulary
2009-12-16/17    online Migrating metadata to the Semantic Web
2009-06-18    online Introduction to the International association for ontology and its application

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