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Items on this class as the base theme

1685   1999-0480KO organization principles • 931
Hiller, E. – Scatter and save! : An evaluation of the adoption of centralised classification and outsourcing (Lang.: eng). - In: Against the Grain, 11(1999)2, p.18,20,22.

2312   2000-0589KO organization principles • 931
Weaver, M., [et al.]. – Centralised classification of library materials - a benchmarking study (Lang.: eng). - In: Library and Information Research News, 23(1999)74,p.23-32.

2621   2001-0279KO organization principles • 931
Reddy, E.R., Pradeep, C. – Internet and Z39.50 : a virtual union catalog (Lang.: eng). - In: CALIBER 99 : Academic libraries in the Internet : proceedings of the 6th National Convention for Automation of Libraries in Education and Research, Nagpur, India, 18-20 February 1999 / ed. y P.S.G. Kumar and C.P. Vashishth. - Ahmedabad: Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), 1999, p.151-158.

2622   2001-0280KO organization principles • 931
Cremer, M., Neuroth, H. – Eine Zukunftswerkstatt des Katalogisierens? : Das CORC-Project: Erfahrungen an der SUB Göttingen [A future workshop of cataloguing?: The CORC project: experiences at the State and University Library Göttingen] (Lang.: ger). - In: Buch und Bibliothek, 52(2000)3,p.245-248. »» The CORC-Project (Cooperative Online Resource Catalog) of the OCLC

2945   2001-0603KO organization principles • 931
Senecal, K. – The twofold promise of the CORC project (Lang.: eng). - In: OCLC Systems and Services, 16(2000)2, p.84-90.

2946   2001-0604KO organization principles • 931
Liu, V. – Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC): a community college's experience (Lang.: eng). - In: Community and Junior College Libraries, 9(2000)3, p.5-22.

2947   2001-0605KO organization principles • 931
Testal, C.G. – Corc : hacia la biblioteca digital [Corc: towards the digital library] (Lang.: spa). - In: Profesional de la Informacion, 9(2000)4, p.17-20.

8372   KO organization principles • 931
Andrew, Paige G. – End of the line?: A case study of a cataloging department achieving BIBCO status (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 49(2011)4, pp. 311-322.

8373   KO organization principles • 931
Preston, C. A. – Cooperative e-Book cataloging in the OhioLINK Library Consortium (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 49(2011)4, pp. 257-276.

2623   2001-0281KO organization principles • OPAC • 931;752.2
Andresen, L. – Z39.50 update (Lang.: eng). - In: DF Revy, 23(2000)2,p.48-50.



Further items on this class as a particular theme

17915conferences • 06;931
AbraΓ£o Pando, Daniel; de Almeida, Carlos CΓ’ndido. – Knowledge organization in the context of postmodernity from the theory of classification perspective (Lang.: eng). – In: Knowledge Organization,43(2016)2, pp. 113-117.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2016. – pp. 5. ISSN: 09437444; 1 Chart

15981999-0392online retrieval problems • KO organization principles • 751;931
David, A.A., Bueno, D. – User modelling and cooperative information retrieval in information retrieval systems (Lang.: eng). – In: Knowledge Organization, 26(1999)1, p.30-45.

27722001-0430various NBM indexing • KO organization principles • 879;931
Hickey, T., Vizine-Goetz, D. – The role of classification in CORC (Lang.: eng). – In: Online Information 99.Proceedings of the 23rd International Online Information Meeting, London, 7-9 December 1999.Oxford: Learned Information Europe Ltd, 1999, p.247-250.

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