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4381997-3-0439special book indexing 856
Sule, N.N. Indexing of newspapers in Nigeria : the Guardian experience (Lang.: eng). - In: International Information Communication & Education 15(1996)2. p.185-194.

16461999-0441special book indexing 856
Williams, P.L., Bakewell, K.G.B. Indexing children's information books (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer 21(1999)4, p.174-179.

19602000-0236special book indexing 856
Williams, P.L., Bakewell, K.G.B. Indexes to children's information books : a study of the provision and quality of book indexes for children at National Curriculum Key Stage 2 (Lang.: eng). - London, British Library, 1997. pp. 159.(British Library. Research and Innovation Report ; 129). ISBN: 071239737X.

22882000-0564special book indexing 856
Williams, P.L., Bakewell, K.G.B. Children and indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: New Library World, 100(1999)1150,p.201-206.

25942001-0252special book indexing 856
Matthews, D. Indexing published letters (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 22(2001)3,p.135-141.

32862002-0308special book indexing 856
Bell, H.K. Kiss and tell and index (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 21(1999)4, p. 180-181.

110751990-1-425special book indexing 856
Garfield, E. ISI's Index to Scientific Book Contents: cataloguing composite books chapter by chapter (Lang.: eng). - In: Curr.Cont.:Phys.,Chem.,&Earth.Vol.27.No.6.1987.p.3-8.

111441990-1068special book indexing 856
Rodberg, L.R. Textbook indexes: many uses, many users (Lang.: eng). - In: Keywords.Vol.1.No.4.1993.p.1.

123501995-0954special book indexing 856
Vickers, J.A. A Marshland index - or 'Indexing for the Hell of it' (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. Vol. 19. No. 4. 1995. p.276-278. Expresses the author's appreciation of the fiction of S.L.Bensusan, and describes his voluntary compilation of an index to it

6051997-4-0606special book indexing bibliography of special indexing systems 856;017
Das, R.K. Bibliography of indexes to Bengali periodicals (Lang.: eng). - In: IASLIC bulletin 41 (1996)2. p.75-83.

19592000-0235special book indexing literature reviews 856;02
Wellisch, H.H. (Book review of)Bell, H.K.: Indexing biographies and other stories of human lives. - London: Society of Indexers, 1998. - 65 p. - ISBN: 1871577187 (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 21(1999)3,p.148-149.

Kommission d. DBI f. Erschließung u. Kat.Managemt.. 6. Diskussionsentwurf zur Behandlung der Schul- und Berufsschulbücher, Stand: April 1993 [6th Discussion Draft for the Cataloguing of Schoolbooks and books for Professional Schools] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst. 27(1993)No.6, Beilage. - 10 p..

Hall, G.. Multi-volume indexing of an economics series (Lang.: eng). - In: IndexerVol. 18 No. 3. 1993. p.153-155.

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