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Items on this class as the base theme

19422000-0218multilingual KOS 796
Dachelet, R. Les thésauri multilingues : Interopérabilité linguistique et interopérabilité sémantique [Multilingual thesauri: linguistic and semactic influencing] (Lang.: fre). - In: Organisation des connaissances en vue de leur intégration dans les systèmes de représentation et de recherche d'information / ed. J. Maniez, W. Mustafa et Hadi. - Lille: Université Charles-de-Gaule, 1999, p. 337-338.

24252001-0083multilingual KOS 796
Jorna, K., Davies, S. Multilingual thesauri for the modern world - no ideal solution? (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Documentation, 57(2001)2,p.284-295.

33532003-0027multilingual KOS 796
Hudon, M. Relationships in multilingual thesauri (Lang.: eng). - In: Relationships in the organization of knowledge / ed. by C.A. Bean and R. Green - Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001 - p.67-80.

34212003-0096multilingual KOS 796
Riesthuis, G.J.A. Information languages and multilingual subject access (Lang.: eng). - In: Subject Retrieval in a Networked Environment, [see 2003-0003], p.11-17.

45022006-33-2-0106multilingual KOS 796
Keränen, S. Equivalence and focus of translation in multicultural thesaurus construction (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization for a Global Learning Society [see 2006-33-2-0003], p.183-194.

45032006-33-2-0107multilingual KOS 796
Dabbadie, M., Blancherie, J.M. Alexandria, a multilingual dictionary for knowledge management purposes (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization for a Global Learning Society [see 2006-33-2-0003], p.195-203.

114381993-0370multilingual KOS 796
Lopez de Sosoaga, C.. Multilingual access to documentary database (Lang.: eng). - In: RIAO 91: Computer aided information retrieval. Conf., Barcelona, April 2-5, 1991Vol. 2. 1991. p.774-788.

118861994-1091multilingual KOS 796
Olesen, H.. A model for coding and multixial classification exemplified (Lang.: eng). - In: De Moor, G.J.E.:. Progress in Standardization in Health Care Informatics. - Amsterdam, NL: IOS Press, 1993. p.86-91.

15837multilingual KOS 796
Biscalchin, Ricardo. A terminologia ea tradução na construção de vocabulário controlado multilíngue [Terminology and translation in the construction of multilingual controlled vocabulary] (Lang.: por). - In: Revista Digital de Biblioteconomia e Documentação, 12(2): 136-149.. Available at http://www.sbu.unicamp.br/seer/ojs/index.php/rbci/article/view/3910/pdf_66

16003multilingual KOS 796
Boccato, Vera Regina Casari; Biscalchin, Ricardo. As dimensões culturais no contexto da construção de vocabulários controlados multilíngues [Cultural dimensions in the context of construction of multilingual controlled vocabularies] (Lang.: por). - In: Revista Interamericana de Biblioecología, 37(2014)3, pp. 237-250. Available at http://aprendeenlinea.udea.edu.co/revistas/index.php/RIB/article/view/20523/17282

16560multilingual KOS 796
Gäde, Maria . Country and language level differences in multilingual digital libraries (Lang.: eng). - Berlin, Germany, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin , 2014. Available at http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:kobv:11-100216587

16617multilingual KOS 796
Islam, Mohammad Zahurul. Multilingual text classification using information-theoretic features (Lang.: eng). - Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, 2015. Available at http://nbn-resolving.de/urn/resolver.pl?urn:nbn:de:hebis:30:3-381571

17534multilingual KOS 796
Sasaki, Felix. FREME – semantische und mehrsprachige Anreicherung selbstgemacht [FREME – sematic and multilingual enrichment, home made] (Lang.: ger). - In: Information - Wissenschaft und Praxis, 68(2017)4, pp. 271-273. Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/iwp-2017-0055

17545multilingual KOS 796
Küssow, Jürgen; Märchy, Selina. Regelwerke im multilingualen Kontext: Ein Erfahrungsbericht aus einem multilingualen Verbund [Cataloging rules in a multilingual context: An experience report from a multilingual library network] (Lang.: ger). - In: o-bib, 4(2017)3, pp. 16-26. Available at http://doi.org/10.5282/o-bib/2017H3S16-26

18824multilingual KOS 796; 797
Biscalchin, Ricardo; Moreira, Walter. Construção de vocabulários multilíngues: perspectivas culturais [Construction of multilingual vocabulary: cultural perspectives] (Lang.: por). - In: Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação, 25(2020)4, pp. 47-67. Available at http://portaldeperiodicos.eci.ufmg.br/index.php/pci/article/view/3690__

11311998-0507multilingual KOS conceptology systems theory 796;651/4
Dorst, L. Restoring the Tower of Babel : building a multilingual thesaurus on health promotion (Lang.: eng). - In: Health Libraries Review, 15(1998)1,p.33-39.

15246multilingual KOS special KOS education 796;656
Neelameghan, A.; Lalitha, S. K. Multilingual thesaurus and interoperability (Lang.: eng). - In: DESIDOC Journal of library & information technology, 33(2013)4, pp. 289-294.

14271999-0221multilingual KOS special KOS special KOS fine arts 796;6828;694
Baca, M. Making sense of the Tower of Babel : a demonstration project in multilingual equivalency work (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology , 4(1997)1,p.105-116.

Vinogradov, V.A.; Zahradil, J. Bilingual dictionaries for computer searching (Lang.: cze). - In: Cs.inform.Vol.31.No.3.1989.p.68-70.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

62212009-0341UDC multilingual KOS 42;796
Pika, J. Tecniche di ricerca di documenti basate sulla Classificazione Decimale Universale (CDU) in un OPAC multilingue svizzero [Document search techniques based on UDC in a multilingual Swiss OPAC] (Lang.: ita). In: ISKO Italia Documenti, 2007. Available at http://www.iskoi.org/doc/nebis.pdf Paper presented at the 3rd ISKO Italy-UniMIB meeting, Milan, 22 June 2007

41292005-32-2-0204special KOS social sciences multilingual KOS 66;796
Keranen, S. Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tieto helpommin haltuun - Monikielinen ELSST-tesaurus tekeilla [Easier access to social science information - multilingual ELSST thesaurus under constructio] (Lang.: fin). In: Signum, 34(2001)4, p.91-92.

41302005-32-2-0205special KOS social sciences multilingual KOS 66;796
Miller, K., Matthews, B. Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources (Lang.: eng). Colchester, University of Essex, 2001. pp. 36. »» Report about ELSST (European Language Social Science Thesaurus), part of the European LIMBER project

5831997-4-0584special KOS non-christian religion multilingual KOS 698;796
ETHERELI project : proposal (Lang.: eng). In: Bulletin of the Association of British theological and philosophical libraries 3 (1995)6. p.5-10. Plan for a indexing tools in main European languages for religion and theology

33602003-0034special KOS christian religion multilingual KOS 699;796
Neelameghan, A. Lateral relationships in multicultural, multilingual databases in the spiritual and religious domeins: the OM Information Service (Lang.: eng). In: Relationships in the organization of knowledge / ed. by C.A. Bean and R. Green - Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001 - p.185-198.

63382009-0458NBM indexing problems multilingual KOS 871;796
Ménard, Elaine. Indexing and retrieving images in a multilingual world (Lang.: eng). In: Culture and identity in knowledge organization [see 2009-0262], pp. 77-83.

8543cartography indexing mark-up languages multilingual KOS 876;357;536;796
Ma, X. et al. A SKOS-based multilingual thesaurus of geological time scale for interoperability of online geological maps (Lang.: eng). In: Computers and geosciences, 37(2011)10, pp. 1602-1615.

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