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1091997-1-0108automatic translation 793
Bernhard, U. Machine translation: success or failure using MT in an IT research and development environment (Lang.: eng). - In: ASLIB proceeding Vol.48, No.4 1996.

2701997-2-0269automatic translation 793
Komaromi, S. Muforditasok analitikus feltarasa az Orszagos Idegennyelvu Konyvtarban [Analytic processing of translations in the National Foreign Language Library] (Lang.: hun). - In: Konyvtari Figyelo 42(1996)3. p.427-429.

9481998-0324automatic translation 793
Bernhard, U., Mistrik, I. Rechnergestützte èbersetzung : Einführung und Technik [Computer aided translation: introduction and technology] (Lang.: ger). - In: nfd Information: Wissenschaft und Praxis, 49(1998)1,p.5-10.

14251999-0219automatic translation 793
Zimmermann, H.H. Maschinelle Übersetzung [Automatic translation] (Lang.: ger). - In: Grundlagen der praktischen Information und Dokumentation: ein Handbuch zur Einführung in die fachliche Informationsarbeit. - 4. Aufl. / Hrsg von M. Buder, W. Rehfeld, T. Seeger und D. Strauch. - 2 Bd. - München: K.G. Saur, 1997. - ISBN: 3598113099 , Bd 1, p.244-253.

19402000-0216automatic translation 793
Gachot, D.A., Lange, E., Yang, J. The Systran NLP browser : an application of machine translation technology in cross-language information retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: Cross-language information retrieval / ed. by G. Grefenstette. - Boston [etc.]: Kluwer, 1998. - p.105-118.

19412000-0217automatic translation 793
Nath, I. Machine translation : theories that make computers translation (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Studies, 5(1999)1,p.7-24.

22842000-0560automatic translation 793
Haifeng, W., [et al.]. Processing of LIHECI in Chinese-English machine translation (Lang.: chi). - In: Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information, 18(1999)4,p.303-307.

27522001-0410automatic translation 793
Hello World (Lang.: eng). - In: Wired, 8(2000)5, p.220...(20 p. »» Current state of automatic translation

30892002-0111automatic translation 793
Ten Hacken, P. Has there been a revolution in machine translation? (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation, 16(2001)1, p.1-19.

41722005-32-2-0247automatic translation 793
Langlais, P., Carl, M. General-purpose statistical translation engine and domain specific texts : Would it work? (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology, 10(2004)1, p.131-153.

53912007-0628automatic translation 793
Strossa, P. Information query formulation in a Slavonic language and its automatic processing : experience from Polish and Czech in comparison to Western European languages (Lang.: eng). - In: Paper Presented at TEL-ME-MOR/M-CAST Seminar On Subject Access, Prague, November 24, 2006. Available at http://knihovnam.nkp.cz/docs/telmemor/subject/TEL-ME-MOR-PS.ppt?PHPSESSID=e93ac950899817d81e359e42355fb5ae

65342009-0654automatic translation 793
Khaltar, Badam-Osor, Fujii, Atsushi. A lemmatization method for Mongolian and its application to indexing for information retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: Information processing & management, 45(2009)4, pp.438-451.

65352009-0655automatic translation 793
Kishida, Kazuaki. Prediction of performance of cross-language information retrieval using automatic evaluation of translation (Lang.: eng). - In: Library & information science research, 30(2008)2, pp.138-144.

8333automatic translation 793
De Smet, Wim, Tang, Jie, Moens, Marie-Francine. Knowledge transfer across multilingual corpora via latent topics (Lang.: eng). - In: Lecture notes in computer science, 6634(2011), pp. 49-56.

8702automatic translation 793
Atlam, E. S., et al. A new approach for Arabic text classification using Arabic field-association terms (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 62(2011)11, pp. 2266-2276.

8703automatic translation 793
Franz, Gregor . Interlingualer Wissensaustausch in der Wikipedia: Warum das Projekt noch kein (Welt-)Erfolg ist und von Moglichkeiten, dies zu andern [Interlingual knowledge exchange in wikipedia. why the project is still no (global) success and the possibility of changing this] (Lang.: ger). - In: Information: Wissenschaft & Praxis, 62(2011)4, pp. 183-190.

8704automatic translation 793
Parvin, H., Minaei-Bidgoli, B., Dahbashi, A. Improving Persian text classification using Persian thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - In: Lecture notes in computer science, 7042(2011), pp. 391-398.

8705automatic translation 793
Tatar, Serhan, Cicekli, Ilyas. Automatic rule learning exploiting morphological features for named entity recognition in Turkish (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of information science, 37(2011)2, pp. 137-151.

8870automatic translation 793
Sichun, Yang, et al. [Chinese query classification based on SVM] (Lang.: chi). - In: Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information, 30(2011)9, pp, 946-950.

118851994-1090automatic translation 793
Derrington, S.. MT - myth, muddle or reality? (Lang.: eng). - In: Aslib Proc.. 46(1994)3,p.79-82.

127921996-1258automatic translation 793
Trujillo, A.. Towards a cross-linguistically valid classification of spatial prepositions (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation, No. 10. 1995. p.93-141.

134561996-1259automatic translation 793
Shirokizawa, Y.. Adaptation of the JICST Machine Translation System for PCs (Lang.: jap). - In: Online Kensaku. Vol. 16, No. 4. 1995. p.164-171.

139531993-0103automatic translation 793
Datta, J.. Full-text databases as a terminological support for translation (Lang.: ). -

8706automatic translation cluster analysis 793;252
Kishida, Kazuaki. Double-pass clustering technique for multilingual document collections (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of information science, 37(2011)3, pp. 304-321.

11301998-0506automatic translation content analysis 793;324
Haynes, C. Translating and interpreting by computer : Star date: 1998 (Lang.: eng). - In: Managing Information, (1998)1/2,p.38-39.

8518automatic translation automatic classification 793;348
Maghsoodi, Nooshin, Homayounpour, Mohammad Mehdi. Improving Farsi multiclass text classification using a thesaurus and two-stage feature selection (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 62 (2011)10, pp. 2055-2066.

4261997-3-0426automatic translation NLP methods 793;733
Wanner, L. Lexical choice in text generation and machine translation (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation 11(1996)1-3. p.3-35.

4271997-3-0427automatic translation NLP methods 793;733
Mehl, S. Systematic alternatives in lexicalization : the cases of gerund translation (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation 11(1996)1-3. p.185-216.

4281997-3-0428automatic translation NLP methods 793;733
Horacek, H. On expressing metonymic relations in multiple languages (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation 11(1996)1-3. p.109-158.

4291997-3-0429automatic translation NLP methods 793;733
Elhadad, M. Lexical choice for complex noun phrases : structure, modifiers, and determiners (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation 11(1996)1-3. p.159-184.

4301997-3-0430automatic translation NLP methods 793;733
Stede, M. Lexical paraphrases in multikingual sentence generation (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation 11(1996)1-3. p.75-107.

4311997-3-0431automatic translation NLP methods 793;733
Dorr, B.J., Olsen, M.B. Multilingual generation : the role of telicity in lexical choice and syntactic realization (Lang.: eng). - In: Machine Translation 11(1996)1-3.p.75-107.

14261999-0220automatic translation multilingual IR online systems spoken retrieval 793;797;755;739
Oard, D.W., Hackett, P. Document translation for cross-language text retrieval at the University of Maryland (Lang.: eng). - In: The sixth text retrieval conference (TREC-6), (1998),p.687-696.

16351999-0429automatic translation KO metadata 793;918
Lanza, S.R. A cure for Web translation blues : Globalink (Lang.: eng). - In: Database, 21(1998)5, p.57-59.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

6945semi-automatic indexing methods automatic translation 344;793
Fumani, Mohammad Reza Falahati Qadimi. Inter-indexer consistency (IIC) in a Persian context (Lang.: eng). In: The indexer, 28(2010)1, pp. 12-17.

64522009-0572automatic classification automatic translation 348;793
Kapalavayi, N., Murthy, S.N.J., Gongzhu Hu. Document classification efficiency of phrase-based techniques (Lang.: eng). In: IEEE/ACS International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA-2009), 7(2009), pp.174-178.

30872002-0109automatic multilingual dictionaries automatic translation 766;793
Mel'cuk, I., Wanner, L. Towards a lexicographic approach to lexical transfer in machine translation (illustrated by the German-Russian language pair) (Lang.: eng). In: Machine Translation, 16(2001)1, p.21-87.

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