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721997-1-0071grammar problems 741
Rolland, M.Th. Grammatikstandardisierung im Bereich der Sprachverarbeitung [Grammar standardization for natural language processing] (Lang.: ger). - In: Nachrichten für Dokumentation Vol.47, No.5 1996, p. 287-292. Specification in which way a comprehensive grammar for a language, in this case the German language, can be developed. This grammar illustrates completely the internal structure of the language and can be used as a standardized basis in different applications, such as construction of query systems and machine translation systems

102881994-1001grammar problems 741
Yurchenko, V.S.. Cosmic syntax: God - Man - Word: a linguophilosophical survey (Lang.: rus). - Saratow, RU, Sarat.Gos.Ped.Inst. im.K.A.Fedina, 1993. pp. 137.

124561996-0262grammar problems 741
Losee, R.M.. Learning syntactic rules and tags with genetic algorithms for information retrieval and filtering: An empirical basis for grammatical rules (Lang.: eng). - In: Inform.Process. & Management. Vol. 32, No. 2. 1996. p.185-197.

127571996-1205grammar problems 741
Paakki, J.. Attribute grammar paradigms - a high-level methodology in language implementation (Lang.: eng). - In: ACM Comput.Surveys. Vol. 27, No. 2. 1995. p.196-255.

131971994-0996grammar problems 741
Hoepelman, J.. Automatische Sprachverarbeitung [Automatic language processing] (Lang.: ger). - In: IT+TI Inf.Techn.u.Techn.Inform. 36(1994)2,p.5. Editorial of an issue of IT+TI devoted to the said topic. The following articles a.o. are included in this issue.

142461994-0997grammar problems 741
Netter, K.. Syntax in der maschinellen Sprachverarbeitung [Syntax in natural language processing] (Lang.: ). -

142471994-0998grammar problems 741
Zoeppritz, M.. Datenabfrage in natürlicher SpracheNatural language database query (Lang.: ). -

142481994-0999grammar problems 741
Goeser, S.. Linguistik und Wissensrepräsentation im Information Retrieval [Information retrieval based on linguistics and knowledge representation] (Lang.: ). -

131981994-1000741, 791
Kunze, J.. Verbfeldstrukturen und Übersetzung [Wordfield structures and translation] (Lang.: ger). - In: LILI: Z.Lit.wiss.u.Linguistik. 21(1991)84,p.67-103. Contains a semantic classification of verbs.

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