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12957   1994-0690terms in KO applications • 038-192
Michel, Jean. – Glossaire simplifié de l'analyse de la valeur et de la specification de la qualité fonctionelle de produits et services d'informamtion [Simplified glossary of value-analysis and specification of functional quality of products and information services] (Lang.: fre). - In: Cahier de la Documentation. 2(1994)p.77-83. Extensive discussion and definition of 12 concepts in the fields mentioned in the title.

1206   1999-0001conceptology • science and KO • literature reviews • 038-25/6;02
Dirckx, J.H. – Book review of Rigg, J.C., Brown, S.S., Dybkaer, R.: Compendium of terminology and nomenclature of properties in clinical laboratory sciences (Recommendations 1995) - Oxford: Bl;ackwell Science, 1995 (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology , 4(1997)1, p.161-165.

11716   1994-0691terms in KO applications • 038-731
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). – Glossary of terms concerning industrial property information and documentation (Lang.: eng). - In: World Patent Information. 15(1993)1,p.21-39.

2479   2001-0137terms in KO applications • information sciences • 038-82
Concise Dictionary of Library and Information Science (Lang.: eng). - 2 ed. – Munich, Saur, 2000. – pp. 300. – ISBN: 3598115083. »» Contains about 5000 terms in one alphabetical sequence, incorporating 6 themes (Information Sources, Information Handling, Computers and Telecommunications, Management, Research Methodology, and Publishing)

13305   1996-0752terms in KO applications • information sciences • 038-82
Berndt, M.. – Book review of Keitz, E.v., Keitz, W.v.: Dictionnaire des sciences de l'information, de la bibliothèque et de la documentation Francais-Allemand, Allemand-Francais. Weinheim, etc.: VCH 1994- 323p. (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliothek. Forsch.& Praxis. Vol. 19, No. 1. 1995. p.125-127.

12546   1996-0753terms in KO applications • 038-8228:138
McCain, C.W.. – Book review of Diodato, V.: Dictionary of bibliometrics. New York: Haworth Press 1994. 185p. (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci. Vol. 47, No. 9. 1996. p.716-717.

10060   1994-0692conceptology • science and KO • 038-825/6
Keenan, St.. – Concise Dictionary of Library and Information Science (Lang.: eng). - London, etc., Bowker-Saur, 1994. – pp. 350. – ISBN: 1857390229. The dictionary for students and practitioners explains some 3,000 terms in subject areas with an alphabetical index and a cross-referencing system.

10139   1994-0693conceptology • science and KO • 038-825/6
Sawoniak, H.; Witt, M.. – New International Dictionary of Acronyms in Library and Information Science and Related Fields (Lang.: eng). - 2nd ed. ed. – München, DE, K.G.Saur Verlag, 1991. – pp. 511. – ISBN: 3598109725. Lists more than 30,000 forms in 34 languages.

10122   1995-0013terms in KO applications • computer science • 038-83
Sydow, F.von. – InformLex. Lexikon für Abkürzungen und Metaphern in Informatik und Umfeld [InformLex. Encyclopedia of abbreviations and metaphors in data processing and related fields"] (Lang.: ger). - Wiesbaden, Vieweg, 1994. – pp. 376. – ISBN: 3528053011. Contains 2587 entries (acronyms, letter symbols, etc) of the field of computer technology with many references.

10137   1993-0005terms in KO applications • computer science • 038-83
Junge, H.-D.. – Dictionary of Information Technology, English-German (Lang.: eng, ger). - Weinheim, etc., VCH, 1989. – pp. VIII,927. – ISBN: 3572264302. (Title also in German)

10502   1994-0694terms in KO applications • computer science • 038-83
VNIIKI. Informatika - Informatics. Russian-English Dictionary (Lang.: rus, eng). - Moskva, VNIIKI, 1992. – pp. 95. Russian-based dictionary with definitions and equivalents of the terms in English. Russian alphabetical sequence. English index.

11918   1995-0012terms in KO applications • computer science • 038-83
Board on Sci.& Technol.for Int.Development, US NRC. – Technology Fact Sheets (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Development. 10(1994)4,p.288-291. Under this title the journal publishes in each issue one or more titles from a new series of fact sheets on informationtechnology produced by the BOSTID (the Board mentioned) of the U.S. National Research Council. Ten fact sheets have been published so far; they comprise an introductory sheet and a glossary of frequently used computer terms including also an Internet primer, navigting the Internet, Fidonet, CD-ROM, and desktop publishing. Here 45 terms are defined.

10160   1994-0695terms in KO applications • communication engineering • 038-84, 038-88
Bärwald, W.. – Dictionnaire bureaucratique et télèmatique. Fachwörterbuch Büro- und Datenkommunikation. Office and telecommunications dictionary. de (Lang.: fre). - Berlin-Paris, Hatier, 1993. – pp. 197. – ISBN: 3861170183. The dictionary contains some 7500 entries and more than 10,000 references in the following areas: office technology, telecommunication services, networks, equipments, terminal and open communication systems.

10574   1994-0696terms in KO applications • communication engineering • 038-88
Ericsson Telecom. – Eriterm (Lang.: eng, swe, fre, spa, ). - Karlstad, Sweden, Ericsson Telecom, 1993. This five-volume, five-language telecommunications glossary, containing more than 13,000 terms in each language is also available from TermNet Secretariat, Grüngasse 9/17, A-1050 Vienna, Austria.

1207   1999-0002terms in KO applications • 038-915
De Bessé, B., Nkwenti-Azeh, B., Sager, J.C. – Glossary of terms used in terminology (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology , 4(1997)1,p.117-156. »» Glossary in English, French and Spanish with definitions in English

1510   1999-0304terms in KO applications • literature reviews • 038-915;02
Bradley, P. – Book review of Hartmann, R.R.K., James, G. Dictionary of terminology. - London ; New York: Routledge, 1998. - 176 p. - ISBN: 0415141435 (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 21(1998)2,p102.

11998   1995-0217038, 487
WIPO. – Glossary of terms concerning industrial property information and documentation (Lang.: eng). - In: World Patent Information. Vol. 15. No. 1. 1993. p.21-39. The glossary contains the definitions of 153 terms. An appendix 1 has abbreviations, an appendix 2 gives a list of denominations of patent documents as published by industrial property offices. Appendix 3 contains examples of patent documents illustratin. g different kinds of patent families

17872   terms in KO applications • conferences • 038;06
Gross, Tina. – Naming and reframing: a taxonomy of attacks on knowledge organization (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,42(2015)5, pp. 263-268.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. – pp. 6. ISSN: 09437444

17614   terms in KO applications • information science • 038;111
Szostak, Rick; Gnoli, Claudio; LΓ³pez-Huertas, MarΓ­a. – Interdisciplinary knowledge organization (Lang.: eng). - Switzerland, Springer International Publishing, 2016. – Available at http://http://www.springer.com/fr/book/9783319301471 – 9783319301471.



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